Today’s style inspiration is for those girls who must look fly for the office:

Style Inspiration Working Girl

Whether you’re an editor, account executive, or CEO, you can hightail it to meetings, power lunches, and after work networking events in these droolworthy pieces:

Use them as inspiration for your next office engagement!
Style Inspiration is a feature showcasing high priced pieces you can use to inspire your style. Be inspired, then search for affordable items that offer the same aura.

6 thoughts on “Style Inspiration : Working Girl”

  1. Tres chic! But if you’re like me, even thinking of considering purchasing a Balmain ANYTHING, let alone a $3000 blazer is more than out of the question! Can we get this post again for the REAL working woman who makes oh less say, $40K a year, not $40K a month!


  2. You’re missing the point. I think it’s called inspiration b/c you’re supposed to be INSPIRED by the pieces. It’s like a spread in Vogue, you can’t afford it but it’s nice to look at. There are tons of looks for less everywhere else on this site, gotta have something for everybody. And a Balmain, to me, is much nicer to look at than a knock off from Forever 21

  3. I love the Balmain tuxedo jacket! I wouldn’t be able to wear it to court (well, I could but it would take the attention away from my case and I can’t have jurors drooling and staring at my clothing. lol) But, I definitely feel inspired to fit this into my career wardrobe somehow.

  4. Looks fab..dont know about that shirt and skirt together..but alltogether the look is great inspiration for a working girl..

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