Happy Motivation Monday! Today’s tips of the day come from Fashion Bomb Daily’s esteemed EIC Claire Sulmers. Our powerhouse diva teamed up with the glam style brand and luxury travel goods company Silver and Riley as a fabulous ambassador of their high end luggage, and to provide groceries to those in need. Silver and Riley is kindly sending individuals who need it the money to grocery shop today. Please send me a DM (@lolajbelle) and their associates will cashapp/Venmo you (100% confidential). Please be aware of those really in need.

Ms. Sulmers is committed to discuss and bring us the best of fashion, but also the most effective ways to not just survive but actually thrive as successful business men & women in all situations. Giving back comes hand in hand with success. Claire is always in search of ways to collaborate with fashionable brands that also come together for philanthropic causes.

If you have a brand and would like to work together, email bo***************@gm***.com!

Claire is proud to partner with Silver and Riley for such a worthy cause. You can also show appreciation and support, shop their sophisticated travel esstentials here. The COVID-19 situation continues to escalate rapidly. We are all concerned. Fashion Bomb Daily wants to encourage everyone and assist, we put together these tips in addition to what we already know (e.g. wash your hands, stay home, etc). . .

  1. Stay encouraged. Remember, “tough times don’t last, tough people do”. Please stay mentally strong and know this too shall pass.
  2. Have empathy towards each other. We are all affected. Never assume any person is more or less affected than you. There is often more than what meets the eye.
  3. Creatives, freelancers, small business owners, service / restaurant workers will find their income / revenue seriously impacted. Till the govt announces fed relief, be sure to check on your local or state dept website for relief that may be available. If you work for yourself or own a small business (may apply to creatives, influencers, etc), check on your eligibility.
  4. Check on each other. In case of a lockdown, people who live alone will be in isolation by themselves. Be sure to check on each other during this time.
  5. Help in any ways that you can. Those who need it are likely closer than you think. Check on friends who work in the service industry, hourly, etc. Check on your house cleaners, favorite tasker on taskrabbit, etc. Most people won’t tell you they need help, so just send them money without asking if you can. I guarantee you they’d appreciate it.
  6. Silver & Riley is still awarding the two grants of $1,000 this month. We recognize small businesses need this now more than ever. We are working having the ability to award more grants.
  7. In case of a lockdown, please stock up on non-perishable items today.

For more tips on fashion, culture and lifestyle go now to Fashion Bomb Daily, stay calm and be safe!