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So I was surfing the web (as always), and came upon a very Fashion Bomb-worthy cyber shop called Sui Generis Boutique.

The owner, Philly native Halimah, started Sui Generis because she loved, “fashion, style, and mixing styles and eras.”

Of her e-boutique, she says, “it speaks to the everyday fashionistas with fierce style – the ones who you pass on the subway or the supermarket. She may or may not be elaborate or flashy but she embraces her own personal steeze whatever that may be.”

Cocktail Gown, $85
Sui Generis’ inventory combines vintage articles with new pieces by up and coming designers because, Halimah says, “Up and coming designers have an uninhibited, fresh approach to fashion which speaks well for the sui generis boutique approach.”

Ghanaian Sun Hat, $12
I took a look, and quickly found many bold, ecclectic fashionable finds for $50 or less! Crazy, I know.
Take a look:

Top Row: Chrissy Handbag, $26; Cutout Circle Top, $40; Paint me Pretty Wallet Case, $25.
Middle Row: Denise Bangle, $15; Boombox Hoody, $40; Itsy Bitsy Mini Skirt, $45.
Bottom Row: Vintage Stop Traffic Dress, $50; Silver Cuff, $12; Flirt Halter Top, $45, all available at www.suigenerisboutique.com
The name Sui Generis is Latin for unique…and from what I see, the offerings definitely live up to the name. Another interesting tidbit: Everything on the website is one of a kind, so once someone purchases it, it’s as good as gone. So run, don’t walk!
Check out Sui Generis at www.suigenerisboutique.com
PS *Noone* has been able to figure out the Nia Long dress question…

…so I’m assuming it was custom made? I still want the contest to go on, so the Shop & Mingle Marc Jacobs mirror…

… will go to the first person who e-mails me with the make of Ms. Long’s sky scraping stilettos.
E-mail me at [email protected]. Good Luck!
PSS Don’t forget to RSVP for Shop & Mingle!
PSSS If you’re in NYC, check out the cool blog Style Chile for this week’s sample sales.

2 thoughts on “Cool Online Find: Sui Generis Boutique”

  1. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing those stilletos are NIKE’s? I don’t know, I’m just putting my bid in. I’ll probably email you with the real answer. After all, I need a gift for my girl, so if I win, it would be a dope gift. No?

  2. Thanks for adding my link! Love your site and have also added a link to your site to today’s post!

    Also, I’ve sent you a link and pic of those shoes…love ’em. If they weren’t over $600.00, I’d get them myself!

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