Recessionista’s rejoice! While web surfing, I happened across a very cool online boutique called Lois Lane Vintage:


A must stop cybershop, absolutely everything on the site has been handpicked from vintage stores and reconstructed for modern times. Sultry 70’s blouses, 60’s Tulip Dresses, and 80’s rompers look surprisingly fresh–and thankfully everything’s really affordable! Take a look:


Left to Right: Vintage 1970’s Leopard Sweater, $30. Reconstructed 50’s Tulip Dress, $50.


Reconstructed 80’s Crop Blazer, $60.


Left to Right: Reconstructed 80s’s Black and White Dress, $58.  1970’s Scottish Plaid Blouse, $30.


Reconstructed 80’s Pearl Blouse, $25.


Left to Right: Vintage Multistripe Blouse, $30. Vintage White Cotton Romper, $35.

Not convinced? Check out a few of their sold out looks:




Please believe, I’ll be checking back frequently to get the scoop on their newest items!

Have you ever seen vintage look that hot?

See more at

*Thanks to young L.O. for the scoop!

7 thoughts on “Cool Online Find: Lois Lane Vintage”

  1. Awesome find Claire!! Great site to buy great looking clothes at inexpensive prices. Thank you!!

  2. ummm… i’m totally in love with every piece! i know EXACTLY where my summer paychecks are going to be spent :)

  3. I came across this site last month!!! and fell in love. Im glad you posted vintage finds… I love vintage, I found some pretty good ones- I will email you them later and you can share with your readers :)

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