Hi Guys,
The results are in!
The results are in!
The results are in!
After a total of a whopping 400 votes, we have winners!
So our first place winner, with 36.93% of the vote, is none other than….
…Joy from London!
The Most Fashionable Fashion Bomber says, “Thank you to all those who voted and big-ups to my competitors. I must also thank Claire, the original Fashion Bomber, for having this site because I feel it’s what keeps me current tho’ I’m miles and miles away from home. I’m glad that my Philly roots have brandished me with this soulful fashion vibe that melds well with the new Euro flair that I’ve acquired in London. And to all my fellow Fashion Bombers, in the words of Kimora Lee Simmons, ‘Go in Peace and Serve Fashion!'”
Hot! Love it!
In second place, with 26.8% of the vote, is our aspiring boutique owner and designer…
She didn’t have any concluding words–perhaps she’s speechless with joy?
[Update! We have word from Chiriga! She says, “I am so excited to hear that I am one of the Winners. I had so much fun reading people’s comments. I thought everyone was very brave and VERY FABULOUS!!! Kudos to ALL the ladies- they are all FASHION BOMBS!!!! Everyone looked Dope and had very different styles…. This is what fashion is all about…taking pieces you like and dressing it up around “your” style. I love to see other people in fabulous clothes and this contest did it for me… I got to see styles from different areas of the country and even over seas…. I am inspired…Lots of inspiration!!! I need it….Please look out for Peace & Glam…. It’s going to ROCK!!!”]
We’re sure it will!
And lastly, in third place, with 23.5% of the vote is…
…Sade from Brooklyn!
She says, “My style can be described as fun, chic yet conservative; I hope that this is what all of the Fashion Bomb readers saw when they viewed my pics. This was a great experience because I got a chance to see what people actually thought about my style. Thanxxx so much!”
That does it for the contest!
I hope that you ladies enjoy your James Jeans, Shop & Mingle tote, and $50 Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Gift Certificate, respectively.
This was so much fun! I need to do this more often, no?
Now back to my regularly scheduled programming…
*Shout out to Charle, The Fashion Bomb’s newest intern!
*I’m totally going to Roberto Cavalli at H&M tomorrow!

I’m broke as a joke, but going with a friend. Guess I’ll be blogging vicariously through her! H&M designer sales are always so much fun. Don’t remember? Check my posts under the ‘HM Designer Sale’ topic. Memories…

4 thoughts on “Contest Winners!!”

  1. congrats to joy-she won the entire contest with one picture! fabulous.
    i voted for sade, and she still looks great. keep doing what you do ladies.

  2. Congratulations to the winners and all the contestants, you all are stars… I’ll be heading down Sunset to the H&M in the Beverly Center tomorrow right after work. *sigh* I just hope there isn’t a line to get in the store, or a bunch of crazy shoppers…

  3. Compliments to my lovely victors! Everyone’s style was AMAZING. Especially Sade, she was my favorite!

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