When I was a young bombshell, I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I remember dancing with my mom and brother to the Thriller album in our Living Room, loving the moment so much that I even immortalized it for the ages, proudly holding up the cover as a testament:

Claire and Michael Jackson

Since then, I feel like I’ve grown up with Michael.
I remember when “Bad” debuted on NBC, watching crazed fans scream “He Waved to Me!!” on tributes, and even when “Black or White” and “Scream” came out.
What are you fave MJ memories?

Picture courtesy of Jennifer Newton

5 thoughts on “Claire’s Life: My Personal MJ Memory”

  1. MJ! those two letters mean so much, i can honestly say that this man, this musical genius was and will forever be my 1st LOVE! He makes every other artist now n then look like people that can be easily forgotten. But not him he is forever in peoples home with his music, he inspires with his fashion and he appeared to have been so humble and and great full to be doing wut he does, not like some of these artists today.. he is and forever will be the King! I feel like i’ve lost a member of my family :(!

  2. I remember being about 11 years old and visiting my grandparents in Haiti. I was talking to a bunch of neighborhood kids trying to connect over music– they didn’t know my favorite artists, I didn’t know theirs. Then someone mentioned Michael Jackson and we all start screaming about how much we loved him. I ran to get my MJ tape and we were all singing and dancing together in the courtyard, having a blast. These kids who didn’t even speak English knew every single word. That’s how big he was. That kids from completely different worlds– the third world to the first world– could all bond over a mutual love of this incredible entertainer. I am heartbroken.

  3. You know I was starting to get a little sick of people saying that Michael Jackson was like family…and then I caught myself. He’s shown up at wedding receptions,family reunions, proms, birthday parties,and whenever a DJ starts to just suck- you could count on Micheal Jackson to save the night. Michael was always there to spread the joy. I hope he knows that dancing with friends or strangers to HIS music made us all truly happy. RIP to the one and only King of Pop.

  4. My dad has all of his records. He use to play them a lot when I was young. I was so scared of the Thriller video. I would run out of the room screaming when that video came on. I was probably like 3 or 4 when I first saw the video, the album came out the year I was born. Some of his best music came out in the 80’s and I still listen to it to this day. Michael was so handsome pre-surgeries. No artist will ever accomplish what he accomplished, ever!

    Cute pic of you holding the album Claire!

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