Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a taping of the Tamron Hall Show!

After ten years at the Today Show, Tamron Hall has stepped out with her own show! The audience was packed with enthusiastic guests from Atlanta, Baltimore, Connecticut, and Canada, from various backgrounds, ages, and spaces! The group to my right was in town celebrating a friend’s birthday, while the pair to my left were on an adorable mother/son date. Audience members all over were fly, fresh, and fashionable!

The show’s topics were just as diverse as the audience! Tamron kicked off the proceedings with a discussion on the impending controversial execution of Rodney Reed, then went on to discuss the book Fair Play by Eve Rodsky, which touches on the sometimes imbalanced division of household duties in couples. The show ended with a fun fashion segment featuring Andre Leon Talley!

Tamron Hall and Andre Leon Talley are longtime friends, so discussed their tight bond, and the importance of dressing to feel confident and comfortable! Mr. Talley also discussed how important it was for him to bring younger people up in the industry (Tamron shared a story of how he once brought a young man who didn’t have an invitation into a high wattage industry event). Tamron shares Andre’s generous predilections, as she decided to wear and showcase independent designers like Denzel Parris, Kidde Itto, and Kelsey Randall all week!

Tamron was so lovely! And I loved her Kidde Itto ensemble.

Check out The Tamron Hall show today (check your local listings to see where it comes on in your town). And if you want to be a VIP guest next time you’re in New York City, visit for information.

I came away from the experience feeling empowered, inspired, and educated on a range of topics. And everyone in the audience left with a copy of Fair Play to take home!

For the occasion, I wore a Varsity style blazer from independent designer Gold x Teal, and Madam Mystique jeans from

Catch me today on the Tamron Hall Show. See updates on @TamronHallShow on Instagram.

Images: @ReignVisual

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