It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a Breaking into Fashion post, so today I wanted to give you guys the scoop on Ursula Stephen


…hairstylist to the stars.
While she’s well known for taming the manes of Michelle Williams and Keyshia Cole, she’s probably most recognized for gifting the ever fashionable Rihanna her oft imitated pixie cut:
…whose edge always adds to Rihanna’s fashionable fits!
Thankfully, Ursula put down her styling tools to tell you hopefuls how to break into her business:
She says, “I caught my “big break” by working in the salon. I had really great clientele, a couple of which worked at labels, a couple who knew people in the industry. So it was basically word of mouth.”

Starting at a humble Brooklyn boutique, Ursula rose through the ranks thanks to her unquestionable talent and positive attitude. She says, ‘I always kept my eyes on the prize, thought outside the box, and stayed upbeat no matter how far away my dreams seemed…
Currently in France, Ursula travels the world, packing all her hot combs and adapters in her carry ons. She says, “I’ll never forget having dinner with Roberto Cavalli. Rihanna was invited to his show in Milan, and afterwards he invited the whole team to his restaurant for a private dinner. I was actually having casual conversation with him, and found out we share the same sign!!
For women of color, she has this pointed advice, “Always go that extra mile, because as sad it may sound, we as people of color have not really overcome as much as we think we have. It’s gotten easier but its not easy.”
In sum, she says to, “Be sure about your love for hair; and ultimately do what makes you happy.
Sound advice for any profession!

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