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If you watch Lloyd Boston on TV often, then you know one of his favorite exclamations is “I love my job!” Why? Well, when Oprah herself has you on speed-dial, and you’re the best-selling author of three style bibles, spokesperson for one of the world’s leading apparel companies, Jones New York, and arguably the most popular style commenter on television, it’s not all that hard to understand!


With over 150 appearances on NBC’s Today show and numerous guest spots on Oprah, E!, The View, and CNN, as well as focused broadcast work for over 16 seasons on New York’s “Full Frontal Fashion,” Lloyd is one of THE authorities on contemporary style!I interviewed Lloyd to ask, among other things, how he turned an internship at 19 with Tommy Hilfiger into a highly successful, multifaceted career as a coveted style guru. “When stepping into this business, you should be prepared to compete with the best. Many young professionals think that entering fashion means creating a persona that is unlike who they are. I always follow the old adage that “it is nice to be important, but more important to be nice.”” Take it from a superstar!For those of you hesitant about breaking into fashion right now, Lloyd astutely points out, “There is so much style available that this might be the best time for design in general”from clothes to home furnishings, and beyond.” Also remember that stylists succeed not just by creating chic looks, but if they can teach their clients how to do so, too! Lloyd’s rules to self-style by include:

1. “Buy the size that fits, not the size you hope to be.
2. “Wearing white all year round is chic if the fabric is seasonally appropriate!
3. “If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. Organizing and editing your closet is the first step to looking chic.
Aspiring style gurus take note!For guys looking to step up their style game, Lloyd suggests taking cues from Andre 3000, Terrence Howard, and Diddy, who, “has stood the test of time, from tuxes to timbs!” He also counts Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, Viktor & Rolf, Paul Smith, and Domenico Vacca among his favorite designers. And what does this ultimate style dynamo hold near and dear from his own personal closet?Definitely my Stubbs and Wootton velvet Buddha slippers, my black Gucci suit, my J.Crew chinos, and my laceless leather Jack Purcells. And anything from Kiehl’s.” And Lloyd, can you please let a Fashion Bombshell know how you feel about all of these crazy statement bags on the red carpet? “As a clutch, chic. Any bigger, so last week.
If that’s not the best “amen” I’ve received from the choir (y’all know it’s kind of a pet peeve)…
Thank you, Mr. Boston!
Be sure to catch Lloyd’s new show, “Closet Cases,” which debuts on the Fine Living Network in April!

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