The spectrum of the fashion world is so broad, it’s nearly impossible to detail every nuance of every role each person plays in this ever-changing industry.  But one of the most integral parts of the entire business is definitely public relations.  The masses only get to see the finished product, but what goes on behind the scenes entails a lot of e-mails, phone calls, fittings, appointments, marketing strategies, and the list goes on.  Enter Savannah Britt.  Though she’s become one of New York’s most sought after PR mavens, boasting past and present clients the likes of Fat Joe, 2 Chainz, Dave East, Lil Yachty, A$AP Ferg, Ryan Leslie, urban clothing label Pelle Pelle, and more, she didn’t dive head first into public relations.
Britt initially got her start in publishing, having published her first magazine, Girlpez Fashion Magazine,  at the age of twelve.  Being dubbed the Youngest Magazine Publisher in the World at the time garnered a lot of attention and got her a personal congratulations from then Editor-In-Chief of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley.Being involved with magazine publishing kept her in constant with tons of people in PR, which eventually spurned into her asking questions, staying informed, and absorbing as much as she could about the business. With that, a departure from the publishing world to the world of PR was her mission, having landed one of her first clients during her freshman year of college.  She recounts, “By the time I got to freshmen year of college, I decided to leave behind the publishing world to go full throttle with public relations. My very first PR client was Milyn Jensen from Bad Girls Club. I reached out to her on Instagram and she replied. The rest was history!”

 Going full steam ahead since then, she now heads her own firm, GP & Britt Public Relations.  Though she works closely with quite a few big names, she remains grounded and finds fulfillment in knowing she made a positive impact on the client, and the buyer.

“The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I’m contributing to the culture in a positive way. Nothing feels better than creating meaningful work and seeing it touch the people. Whether I’m launching an artist’s latest song or creating a fashion campaign for a brand, to know that my work is someone’s pick-me-up through their headphones or the jacket that keeps them warm through winter storms; it’s a really great feeling to know that I’m making a positive impact!” Britt admits, however, that being in this field requires a ton of dedication, attention to detail, and commitment.  “The most challenging part of my job is probably the crazy schedule. It gets kind of hard to turn it off at times. I’m usually always working. I’d have to be on a deserted island with no cell phone service in order to stop working!”  Well,  no signs of a deserted island nearby.  Just as well, because Britt stays on the move, looking for the next big thing.  

Work for Britt isn’t always getting other brands out there, but putting her stamp on the map as well.  She often speaks on panels as it relates to branding, entrepreneurship, and staying driven.  Her advice to anyone wanting to break into PR?

“I encourage people to do their research and find an internship or mentor that best fits him or her. There’s always room to learn more so don’t be afraid to try lots of internships. Additionally, wherever you go in your PR journey, be sure to make yourself valuable. Stay informed. The PR industry is changing rapidly every day. Always be ten steps ahead on the trends, know your stuff, and present yourself well amongst team members. Valuable people are indispensable.”
Truer words have never been spoken.  If you’re passionate, stay grounded, and work hard, everything you want in life will fall into place. If you want to learn more and keep up with Savannah Britt, follow her on Instagram: @sav_britt

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