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Today, I wanted to introduce you to Coz, a luxury leather brand that makes unique unisex bags and purses. Every piece is carefully made with attention to detail, offering innovation, sophistication and uniqueness. Coz provides the perfect accessory to every outfit–every bag makes a statement and every design represents a character. Every bag is handcrafted, with simplicity and comfort in mind to make every piece timeless. 

 Coz has won numerous awards in Africa and is one of Africa’s leading leather brands, exporting to 17 countries world wide. Coz announced its newest collection called ‘Classic,’ and fashion lovers have been waiting to see their new designs.  We caught up with Coz’ 23-year-old designer Ore Osoba for an exclusive interview.

Tell Us More About Yourself?


I am just a normal 23 year old boy who is very opportuned to be doing what he loves. Fashion has always been my passion. I remember being sent out of classes in High school for making sketches while classes were going on. I never imagined that fashion will make me this famous. I am a pretty chilled young man; when i am not working I do house chores, play video games, listen to music, and make sketches. Fashion is my way of life. It is my way of communicating with the world, and it is my own little way of giving back to the world.

Tell Us About Your Childhood


I am the youngest child in my family; two sisters and a brother. I grew up in Lagos Nigeria and later on we moved to Abuja. My childhood was pretty basic. I am very close to my sisters so I was always their go to guy for fashions tips and their personal photographer. I was never the coolest guy in school (more of an outcast) and I wasn’t any of my teacher’s favourite.

How Did Coz Come About?


I started Coz in my final year. I decided I didn’t want to work for anybody and I wanted to start my own brand. I knew it had to be fashion related. I started with bags because i always loved a good bag; a bag can make or break an outfit. A good bag calls attention in such a way that it is not too much yet not too small. It is just the right amount to be called an outfit of its own. Coz stands for Christ Ore Zac.


After design classes, we started from selling in the church to selling on the road to a lot of social media marketing to owing a store in the business hub of Lagos Nigeria to having a client base in over 16 countries worldwide to now being referred to as one of Africa’s leading leather brands. It has been a long journey, I didn’t start designing with leather. I started with jean and graduated to leather.

Tell Us About The New Collection “CLASSIC”


The inspiration of Classic came from my sister, Busayo. Her way of style is so unique, classy, and yet urban. The perfect representation of what a lady is. So I decided to design a collection for a lady and her perfect gentleman with a touch of Nigeria in every design.


It took a year to design this collection, going back and forth on designs, and pushing the release date because I wanted everything to be perfect. This collection is a masterpiece that would leave a legacy of its own. Some might call this collection a brand of its own. We played with colors and structures, shapes and sizes until we were satisfied. This is my best work yet.    


We live in an era where black people are finally being celebrated and being noticed. Being African is one of the greatest gifts I was born with. it is not just a race or a continent, It is my super power, and this collection shows the African Pride.

What Advice Do You Have For Young Fashion Entrepreneurs?


Be yourself, do not follow trends because they fade away easily, create your own style, do not believe in thinking outside the box because there is no box, do not forget the reason you started, just don’t design to make money rather design to inspire. You may be looked down on, bullied, be told a million NOs but never give up on yourself and on your brand.

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