So the other day I decided to drop into cool new New York boutique called PB & Caviar….


…if you haven’t heard, it’s a hip shop for women and children owned by none other than Evin Cosby (daughter of Bill Cosby shown below)….
I was scheduled to go to the store opening (last Thursday), but couldn’t make it, so stopped in Friday afternoon to take a look around…

…and chat a bit with Evin for the Fashion Bomb.
Regarding her reason for opening a boutique, she said, “I always wanted to have a store. I loved shopping for people and my parents encouraged me to be an entrepreneur.
And what’s with the name PB & Caviar? She explained, “I have a five year old daughter who loves peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. And I thought, adults like caviar. So PB & Caviar reflects the affordable & chic, grown up yet young elements of the store.
Carrying women’s clothes by Anna Sui, Tracy Reese, and Chelsea Flower as well as kids clothes by Ben Sherman, Diesel, and Scoop, the shop definitely had plenty to offer! I quickly found lots of Fashion Bomb worthy items:
This cute sequined top by my new favorite designer Interlud was $186…
A patterned dress by Odabash was $552….
This Ingwa Malero white dress was gorgeous at $300…
…a classic white shirt dress by Danang is $128…
…and this embellished cocktail was $460.
Ok, so I suffered from a bit of sticker shock. When you go, have your credit card handy, but don’t be deterred by the prices; I found an affordable dress/top for under $200 that I’m going to wear to an event tonight! And there are t-shirts and jeans that start at $28.
It’s worth a look!
So drop in and say ‘hey’ to Evin at PB & Caviar, located at 88 Thomas Street off West Broadway in NYC.
Tell her I sent ya!

10 thoughts on “New York Boutique Spotlight: PB & Caviar”

  1. Thanks for the scoop! I’m visiting NYC in a couple of weeks and am going to check it out.

  2. I will not be supporting her or her store. This lil comment she made gives me off a arrogant vibe frm her.
    Plus now knowing the prices are to high from my non-privaledged life NO Thanks!

    “My own people used to say to me, ‘You speak like a white woman,’” said the youngest daughter of Bill and at her chic new boutique, PB & Caviar, in Tribeca.

    “What does that even mean, anyway? Everyone has their way of speaking and living their life. No one should be judging and assuming that because I’m black, I have to speak in that hip-hop way. That’s something I prefer not to do.”

    “I always went to private schools – Bank Street elementary, so I was surrounded by people like me. Not so much African-American, but privileged. I don’t really have a connection to other people who didn’t have my lifestyle. But my dad is very into helping people from his own community in Philadelphia.”

  3. She has no type of connection with me because I didnt live a privelidged life so I will not be spending money in her store! Those prices are high neways.

  4. Hmh. She’s obviously privileged, her dad is Bill COSBY! Whose shows still are in rerun (and are still funny, twenty years later). I don’t think I can hate on her for recognizing her charmed life. And from the look of the clothes, she’s got style. I think it’s good to be supportive of ALL black people, even the privileged. If we didn’t, how would we survive? I’d much rather spend my money at her store than say…Intermix. She effed up saying that stuff, but I don’t think that means she doesn’t merit a look over. It’s a black owned business!!!

  5. If I’m ever in new york i might stop in to see if there are ne sales but those prices are a lil to high for my income!
    Good Luck to her thouh

  6. love it! and i love the name of the store – too cute.

    i hope she’s not discouraged by everyone giving her a hard time because of her comments. she only shared her reality and now everyone wants to decide to hate her for doing so. not all of us grew up in the hood – stop crucifying eachother for being honest and frank about their position.

    what kills me, furthermore, is we’ll support some of these entertainers that make stupid, disparing remarks about being so hood and all that but can’t stand to hear someone say that’s not their reality. wtf? think for yourself people!

  7. Claire does all “Couture” have to be a million bucks. Sure the clothes are cute, fab, chic but they are made of the same material as the more under unprivileged brands (since its a popular word in the comments today). When im in SoHo and I go in and out of the boutiques I cant help but feel that lux articles are not worth their price tags.

  8. Although I had a private school education and didn’t grow up in the projects, I think that Evin’s comments are obnoxious and would serve her better if she kept them private. I have been accused of not sounding ‘black’ and regard the people who hold this view as truly ignorant;it’s very telling that Evin seems to revel in that hollow compliment. It’s sad that she regards her dad’s cohtribution to the ‘inner-city’ of Philly as ‘his’ work and something with which she is unfamiliar. I do hope that her privileged friends support her store, especially as it’s located on Thomas Street, where there’s rarely any foot traffic. By the way, there’s nothing original about the name, black folks, especially the not so privileged, have used it to convey class and originality for everything from restaurants to outdoor fetes. It’ll be interesting to see if this store is around this time, next year. I’ve seen a lot of businesses in Tribeca sucessfully open, buoyed by media attention; only to close months later. I guess Evin could always open a store in Dubai, among HER people.

  9. Well, well, well, Erin looks like Papa Cosby is a serial rapist. How privliged do you feel now? Ignorant. By the way, you are ugly as a hammer. Good thing you’re rich.

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