Hey Guys!
So I’m back from Boston, and totally exhausted! The Fashion Show was a lot more scandalous than I remember it being back when I walked the catwalk. I was so distracted (and my seats so far away), that I couldn’t catch any pictures of the actual show…but I did manage to snap a couple pix from the crowd during intermission. I think what I caught well displayed the do’s and don’ts of summer attire.
DO wear figure flattering dresses….


…in bold, bright graphic prints.
DON’T ever…

…match your hair to your outfit, or wear golds as an accessory. Just Say No!
Moving along…
The Fashionable Male contest solicited many spirited response from readers. And now there seems to be a bit of a tie between…

Mr. Michael Schuler of Skyline Boutique in Austin, Texas (www.skyline360.com)…
And 16 year old stunner…

Leave comments again to let me know who should win!
And in the meantime, thanks for all the submissions! The Fashion Bomb would be nothing without your participation.
PS My girl Lauren just started a cool blog called Stereohyped (www.stereohyped.com). Check it out for gossip, entertainment, fashion, and music from an African-American point of view.

29 thoughts on “Boston Style + Fashionable Male Tie Breaker”

  1. EDWIN all the way baby! his look just works better for the average guy. but i do appreciate micheals effort

  2. the first dude is fly…but edwin is crazy fly. and the fact that he’s only 16…seals it.

  3. I’m loving edwins style, but I got to show love to that Mike dude cause I love a well dressed gentleman and he has it with a modern twist

  4. Edwin’s style embodies hip-hop chicness to the fullest. He should definitely win the Fashionable Contest for his creative sense of style and eclectic ensembles. Mike’s style is more along the lines of Fonzworth Bentely which I am not knocking but my vote is for Edwin.

  5. Mike,
    You holdin it down al the way! The young kat gotta grow up to show up. I agree wit Don Beezy whe he said this “just works better for the average guy” But you aint average Mike. You steppin out the box!


  6. Are we looking at the same pictures for this “TieBreaker”?

    Is this competition about who is the cutest? Or most suited??

    Definitely and Unmistakably–Mr. Michael Schuler.

  7. Mr. Mike is swangin full tilt! Funky, fresh, and fly all in one package. Oh snap! Hook me up! You got my vote fo sho.

    Meanwhile, Edwin just looks like he grabbed random stuff of the rack at Dillards. Have some pride in the attire dawg.

  8. Damn you all are being tough on my man edwin, he has that skateboard B looking going and he’s so 80’s you have to respect that and give that dude his props

  9. Definitely Edwin. And I must say, I think anonymous is cheating, posting over and over again for Mike.

  10. Ooh, this one is tough…it’s like apples and oranges b/c their styles are on different ends of the spectrum. Although I like both, I have to vote Edwin b/c his style is so funky and out there. I like his creativity and the color he brings out.

  11. These are two different looks if your looking for the urban look you definitely have to give it up to Edwin, but if you like the grown and sexy look you have to give it to michael but it’s obvious both of these folks have style.

  12. I definitely have to go with Michael Schuler. Clean cut and sophisticated… that’s what’s up!

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