As you can probably tell, we have a deep seated love for eye catching accessories. Today’s Bomb Product is no exception. Enter Kamilah Willacy.
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Willacy originally started studying architecture before enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Technology then transferring to Polimoda in Italy to study accessory design.  Successfully marrying architecture and fashion, a bevy of colorful clutches and purses was born.

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Though Willacy’s adoration for precision and construction is evident, creativity is definitely not sacrificed when it comes to her creations.  Combining materials like poured resin stained glass, architectural steel, marble, and wood, she manages to dream up handbags with designs that could possibly rival the windows of Earth’s famous churches.

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The colors are absolutely dazzling.  From bold blues to greens and oranges to fun fuschias, Kamilah Willacy facilitates choosing the right handbag to go with any outfit.

Kamilah Willacy 2Prices are a little bit of a splurge: starting from $220 to $375.  But you clearly get your bang for your buck with these options.  We can see it girls who love to have fun with color and patterns like Solange and Kat Graham rocking a few Kamilah Willacy handbags.

If you like what you see, head over to Kamilah Willacy’s website to learn more about the Independent Handbag Designer Award nominee, or shop more designs.

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  1. Beautiful clutches!! I especially love the ones that look like stained glass windows. Good luck to her :)

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