All this month, we are profiling bomb designers You Should Know from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop! Today’s feature goes to Sai Sankoh, the creator of fabulous printed dresses, kaftans, and coverups:

Sai Sankoh Off the Shoulder Floral Dress, $395

She writes, “I was born in Sierra Leone, and lived in London, Sweden, and Ghana briefly, till my move to the States 19 years ago. I attended Virginia Commonwealth University.”

Sai Sankoh Nawara Goddess Kaftan, $295

“…I started blogging on “Because I am Fabulous”, in 2011, about food, travel, lifestyle and of course fashion. I think that was the peak of blogging. I got to meet so many people, and create beautiful relationships and connections, and it just felt natural. As much time as I spent on it, I needed to monetize it, so a couple of years ago, my developers and I reinvented my blog, and created a fabulous aggregator now called Luxury Checkout ( Its low maintenance and works on its own, which gave me the flexibility to pursue design. 

Sai Sankoh Missandei Green Printed Pants, $125

She continues, “A lot of my prints are inspired by where I am from, where I have lived, and my previous travel destinations. I have lived a colorful, glamorous and exciting jet setter lifestyle, and that translates in my designs. I love the Zen nature of Bali, the vibrancy of Ghana, and the extravagance of Dubai, and I try to blend all of those vibes into creating a print or a piece.”

Sai Sankoh Zemorah Gown, $2,795

She tells Fashion Bomb Daily, “Fashion has always been a passion of mine, even though, growing up I was a self proclaimed Tomboy, I always loved being unique and different. Getting dolled up is always a pleasure. I love beautiful gowns, well-tailored suits, and I always smile and feel at home when I’m surrounded by stunning garments. I love the art of it all, and that includes the process of design. Also, it was always the one avenue I could express myself, without feeling judged or uncomfortable.”

Sai Sankoh Algeria Shirt Dress, $195

In conclusion, she writes, “The Sai Sankoh brand is for the unapologetic woman who knows who she is, what she wants, and enjoys the finer things in life. She is fabulous and sexy, and won’t sacrifice her comfort.”

For designers, she offers, “Don’t give up, it’s not easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it. If you are passionate about something, do your best and the rest will follow. Stay Fabulous!!”

Sai Sankoh Kiara Cover Up, $250

Indeed. Shop Sai Sankoh’s full collection here.

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