Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m over here fighting off my New York hangover (featuring a stuffy nose, watery eyes and an scratchy throat, lol)  but, despite my circumstances, I’ve garnered enough energy to come to terms with posting today’s Bomb Bloggers.

I’ve been itching to feature these amazing young men for a while. Initially, I came across their blog via Instagram and I’ve been a fan ever since. So, join me as we get into the stylish musings of Jovel and Kenneth of The No Names!





My main concern has been to highlight more male bloggers. I admit, I’ve showcased a fair share of female bloggers so I figured it was time to show my brothas some love…!

… And, The No Names blog are the perfect start. Comprised of a combination of art and travel adventures, this carefully curated destination is ideal for all my up-and-coming tastemakers. In addition, site founders Kenneth Kyrell and Jovel Roystan each possess their own personal styles which also adds to the overall intrigue behind the blog.





The juxtaposition of each blogger’s style is what caught my eye. While Kenneth leans more towards classic pieces and clean silhouettes, Jovel‘s take on fashion is a bit more risky and unpredictable. I believe that this is the formula that allows The No Names to stand out from a myriad of other blogs. And, it proves that they aren’t afraid to remain true to their individuality.

Quite the combination, huh?




Slay on, guys!

Want to know more about these handsome Bomb Bloggers? Well, head on over to their blog here or catch with them via Instagram as follows:

Kenneth Kyrell: @kennethkyrell

Jovel Roystan: @jovelroystan




Signing Out — Esmesha