Michael-Anthony of The Big Fashion Guy is one of those memorable fashionistos that you just can’t pass up!

With a keen eye for impeccable detailing and his innate ability to pull off some of the season’s hottest trends, he’s sure to leave you craving more. So, join me as we marvel at some of his most dashing ‘fits!




FYI: This charismatic gentleman randomly popped up on my Instagram timeline one evening and I was instantly intrigued by his distinct style. He’s never afraid to experiment with various textures, colors and patterns yet he still manages to maintain this classic coolness that illuminates throughout his photos. Michael-Anthony is also a huge fan of funky tailored blazers, tons of camouflage, vintage hats and eye-catching hues. And, never in my years of highlighting up-and-coming bloggers, have I ever come across such a determined and ambitious young man. He’s the truth!




When I approached Michael-Anthony with the possibility of being featured, I asked him to give FBD readers a glimpse into how he truly defines his style while also shedding some light as to where he garners his dynamic inspiration. In his response he disclosed: “I would define my style as urban-preppy. And I gain a lot my fashion inspiration from my surroundings and other fashionable people. And the advice I would give fashion bomb readers is to have one person in mind when shopping and styling your looks and that is yourself just go with what makes you feel amazing and don’t worry about what other people may think or say.” Yes! I’m here for it all!




Kill it, Michael-Anthony!

Want to know more about today’s handsome Bomb Blogger? Well, feel free to visit his official site here or follow him via IG @thebigfashionguy.


Signing Out — Esmesha