Time to showcase another #BombBlogger!

And, I’ve got quite the treat! So, today, I’m highlighting the lovely Charisma Monroe of the impressive blog Chronic Teachings of a Regal Fatty.





According to her ‘About Me‘ section, Charisma states, “My sole mission is simply to be the undefined, uncensored, unrestricted, fearless person I once desperately sought (growing up). Always has been, always will be. While carrying out the task, I put my journalistic skills to use, showcased my personal style and wit, and people happened to “like” me. With any recognition comes feedback. Sometimes it’s empowering and beautiful, sometimes it’s hateful, critical, and disapproving. Either way, seeking acceptance from anyone besides myself is something I’ve outgrown. Label me as you desire. As long as I’ve caught your attention.

As you can see, she caught my attention! Her undeniable literary presence coupled with her impeccable eye for fashion instantly set Charisma apart. I also respect her confidence and the fact that she uses her platform in efforts to spread body positivism and self-assurance.





In my opinion, style is personal. Style is an expression of one’s feelings and emotions through the use of sartorial creativity. Now, as I examine Charisma’s style, I see fearlessness, I see boundless confidence and I also sense evident self-love. This fashionista’s wardrobe is filled with daring hues, eye-popping prints and bomb accessories. (And, her smile is the icing on the cake!) She’s the epitome of chic with a hint of sass!





Slay on, hun!

Want to know more about this dynamic diva? Well, follow Charisma via Instagram @charisma_monroe or feel free to check out her blog here.




Signing Out — Esmesha