Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today’s Bomb Blogger feature is a bit personal for me. I’ve had the privilege and honor of watching this young woman blossom into a fashion powerhouse who continually captivates her audience with looks that are both classically chic yet tremendously unique.

In addition, I’m proud to call her a friend, a colleague and (of course) a fellow #GirlBoss! So, join me as we get into the sartorial musings of Brandy Gueary of the style and DIY blog known as Authentically+B!





In her candid ‘About Me’ section, this sensational style maven writes, “Hey y’all, I’m Brandy! I’m a 29 year old native Texan, Houstonian, mother, wife, elementary school teacher, and creative being. I began Authentically+B after my husband and I purchased a cottage built in the 1920’s that required a LOT of TLC. I began to trust myself more and became more self reliant as I tackled so much of the work myself. I decided to listen to my inner voice that was nudging me share things that I’m working on in an effort to help others discover how capable they are.” Love it!

And, let me tell you, Brandy is the real deal! She’s solidified her status as one of the Texas’s most promising style bloggers with an undeniable consistency, a knack for enticing all cameras and a natural beauty like no other – she’s the product of an intense work ethic that is devastatingly apparent throughout her intricately curated blog.




Brandy’s style, much like her look, is always changing. I mean, you never can pinpoint what she’ll wear next nor can you categorize her specific fashion aesthetic. Although she lives for practical combinations and her signature Chuck Taylors, she can turn around and shock the masses in a statement-making mixed print ‘fit or a plunging ankara maxi dress!

And, I believe that it’s this type of unpredictable approach that keeps her readers coming back for more. Brandy’s mastered the art of maintaining an effortless cool while letting her frocks do all the talking and, if that’s not the definition of a Bomb Blogger, I don’t know what is. With each passing day, her future looks brighter and brighter, can’t wait to see what the future holds!





Slay on, hun!

Want to know more about Brandy of Authentically B? Well, feel free to follow this dazzling fashionista via Instagram @Authentically.B or subscribe to her official blog here!


Signing Out — Esmesha