With a vision that exceeds our wildest imagination, and a style that consists of calculated risks and brilliant techniques, it’s clear to see that Beyoncé is in her prime.

‘Gone with the wind fabulous’ would be quite the understatement for Queen Bey who has been taking our breath away in all of her dazzling and iconic costumes that she’s been debuting on her Renaissance tour.

One look in particular that shut down the stage in Minneapolis, and offered a different spin was a black Alexander McQueen mesh catsuit that had silver sequins and beads intricately embroidered into a horse motif. Her look was definitely giving, “Beyoncé Thee Stallion.”

Photo Credit: IG/ Reproduction

She kept her accessories to a minimum, allowing her bodysuit to remain in the spotlight, and opted for dangling diamond earrings, nude fishnet stocking, and black Dolce & Gabbana Keira sandals that featured the DG logo appliqué on the back of her heel.

Photo Credit: IG/ Reproduction

Based on all of Beyoncé’s mega looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if following her tour, there will be a museum exhibit strictly dedicated to her phenomenal Renaissance ensembles from Sweden and Paris, to London and the US.

Photo Credit: IG/ Reproduction

The Houston, Texas singer who has come such a long way from her St. Mary’s Montessori School days to becoming a worldwide sensation, is at a stage in her life where she’s all about celebrating her accomplishments, and enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Photo Credit: IG Reproduction

Beyoncé continues to deliver draw dropping looks that exudes excellent craftsmanship, skillful textures and modern silhouettes. We’re always looking forward to see how she’ll SLAY next. After all, in her ‘Summer Renaissance’ song she did say, “this haute couture I’m flaunting.”