Happy New Year!
Before we start 2016 in earnest, let’s take a quick look at the winner’s circle for Best of 2015.
Best of 2015 Winners Circle- Zendaya is Fashionista of the Year, Charmaine from Atlanta Wins Fashion Bombshell of the Year, Kyemah Mcentyre Designs the Outfit of the Year, and more!
1. Outfit of the Year: Kyemah Mcentyre in a Kyemah Mcentyre Prom Dress
123 High School Senior Kyemah Mcentyre Makes Waves With Afrocentric Prom Dress
Creativity and originality were fiercely celebrated in 2015, as you gave high school senior Kyemah Mcentyre your vote of confidence for outfit of the year.
High School Senior Kyemah Mcentyre Makes Waves With Afrocentric Prom Dress
55% of you placed her in the winner’s circle, with Jazzy Jay writing, “Kyemah gets my vote because it was such a beautifully bold move by an up and coming youthful designer. Inspiring!”
Kyemah-Mcentyre prom dress

We can only hope that Kyemah continues her winning streak into the ’16, offering even more vibrant and eye catching designs, worthy of any prom or style queen.
000 High School Senior Kyemah Mcentyre Makes Waves With Afrocentric Prom Dress

2. Best Designer or Brand: Olivier Rousteing of Balmain

Are we shocked? Balmain pretty boy Olivier Rousteing easily slid into first place in 2015 with 59% of your votes.
’15 was a HUGE year for Mr. Rousteing. You couldn’t turn around without some hottie wearing a Balmain frock, and the fashion world gave him his due kudos with an onslaught of editorials featuring the brand and the man himself.

His year finished with flourish with a blockbuster collection with H&M. What will Olivier do next? We can’t wait to see.

3. Best Style Newcomer: Kendall Jenner
The Kardashian/Jenner clan’s resident model, Kendall Jenner, nabbed the title of Best Style Newcomer with 36% of your votes.
1 Kendall Jenner's New York City Isabel Marant Silver Button Military Boots and Saint Laurent Monogramme Bourse Mini Leather Bucket Bag
Kendall managed to captivate our attention with quiet grace and elegance, along with a lithe silhouette and undeniable good looks.

The young lady wears everything with class, which is undoubtedly part of her winning formula for scoring so many runway gigs and magazine editorials.
Kendall is at the top of her game, and we don’t expect her to slow down any time soon.

4. Model of the Year: Lineisy Montero
It’s rare to see newer faces on our Best of Lists, so Lineisy Montero is a refreshing change.

The Dominican Beauty graced high fashion runways 68 times in 2015, all the while sporting her signature cropped natural ‘do.
lineisy montero
In an age when we’re still counting the number of black models on runways, Lineisy’s presence and success are powerful. We hope to see more of her and more like her in the New Year.

5. Most Improved Fashionista: Keke Palmer
While quite a few of you took issue with some nominees for Most Improved Fashionista, 37% of you were able to put your difference aside to give multi-hyphenate star Keke Palmer the title.
0 Keke Palmer and Zendaya Coleman's The Penthouse Inspired by Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood Suits 8'

The young Bombshell hit her stylish stride in 2015, taking chances, and making bold moves on the red carpet.
6 Keke Palmer's  6th annual ELLE Women In Music Celebration Rubin Singer Striped Suit
Keke’s winning spirit shines through in all she does. She came to conquer in 2015, and who knows? Maybe she’ll glide onto our Fashionista of the Year list in 2016?
8 Keke Palmer's Brotherly Love Premiere Mint Green Michael Costello High Slit Dress
Only time will tell.

6. Fashionista of the Year: Zendaya

Ms. Coleman took the fashion world by storm in 2015, thanks to her gorgeous visage, modelesque frame, and willingness to try absolutely everything (and pull it off).

Not only were her choices alluring–they made a statement. Her faux locs hairstyle at the Oscars, the response, and the resulting furor showed that not only is Zendaya unafraid to take a chance, but she’s bold enough to stand by it.
zendaya oscars vivienne westwood
A lovely combination of brains, beauty, and boldness made her your choice for Fashionista of the Year 2015. We have a feeling that Zendaya’s reign won’t let up in 2016.

7. Most Fashionable Male: Michael B. Jordan and Tinie Tempah

This year Michael B. Jordan and Tinie Tempah tied for first place in our dapper gent competition!
While Michael takes a more traditional approach, Tinie has a bit more fun with silhouettes, colors, and cuts.
Tinie Tempah went bold in a wine hued ensemble at the Spring 2016 Burberry show during London Fashion Week.
Michael B. Jordan attended the 2014 ADCOLOR Awards
Both Bombers represent a range in Fashion Bomb Tastes, and shows that men can have fun with fashion, too.
Tinie Tempah is always on the scene! He looked crisp and clean in a gray blazer, khakis, and sneakers. Image by David Nyanzi
Stars attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Part 2 **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**

8. Most Fashionable Couple: Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

Stunning couple Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith beamed at the 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. Hot!
Mr. and Mrs. Smith have aged like fine wine and look better and better as the years fly by.

Jada’s stature and flattering frocks ensure she’s always in the winning circle, while Will is never far behind with jazzy shirts and fun suits. The two together make red carpet magic.
will smith Jada+Pinkett+Smith+Premiere+Warner+Bros+Pictures+JtKhMa4_fcBx
Aside from their stylish exploits, they are both extremely accomplished, intelligent, and devoted parents. Does it get any better? I think not.

9. Fashion Bombshell of the Year: Charmaine from Atlanta
Charmaine from Atlanta
Like our fun daily feature, the Bombshell of the Year contest was the most popular with almost 2,000 votes! Even with all that activity, Charmaine from Atlanta was crowned Bombshell of 2015 with 39% of your votes.
3 Charmaine from Atlanta
There were over 100 comments on Pollcode, with most lauding Charmaine aka @Charmsie‘s creativity and eccentricity.
1 Charmaine from Atlanta
The three time Bombshell and How Do You Wear It? Submissions Queen has an unmatched devotion to Fashion Bomb Daily, so we fully support this appointment. Slay on, Charmaine!
8 Charmaine from Atlanta

10. Fashion Bomber of the Year: Dex Rob from New York
1  dex rob from new york
Dex @DexRob from New York was afraid the older pictures used in the nomination post would hold him back, but such wasn’t the case: he won in a landslide with 38% of your votes.
3  dex rob from new york
For the New Year, he submitted the following current pictures for our viewing pleasure.
4  dex rob from new york
Dex was by far one of our most popular Bombers ever, and we can’t wait to see the new submissions this year!
dex rob from new york

And that does it for Best of 2015! Here’s to a super fabulous 2016 with even more unforgettably stylish moments!
Best of 2015 Winners Circle- Zendaya is Fashionista of the Year, Charmaine from Atlanta Wins Fashion Bombshell of the Year, Kyemah Mcentyre Designs the Outfit of the Year, and more!
What do you think of the Winner’s circle?