With the advent of Instagram, our Bombshell feature’s popularity has shifted to social media! Instead of dozens of comments on the site, all the votes and comments are on the ‘Gram! Therefore, I sifted through hundreds of Bombshells from the past year, and included Bombshells who were able to get over 4,200 likes on IG (most Bombshells get 2,000 or less).
Regardless of popularity or timing, these Bombshells killed it.
Best of 2015- Fashion Bombshell of the Year
Check it out:
1. @SimplicityXStyle from New York (5,183 Likes, 104 Comments)
6 Simplicity X Style from New York
To this day, we still don’t know this elusive Bombshell’s name! We will now and forever refer to her as her Instagram handle, @SimplicityxStyle.
9 Simplicity X Style from New York
Her ensembles bubbled over with designer duds, from DSquared2 sandals to Céline bags, and fuzzy Chanel purses.
3 Simplicity X Style from New York

@Dear_Fashionista cosigned, “Yes. She’s everything! Her shoes slay. The shades!? Chile yes!” Agreed!
7 Simplicity X Style from New York

2. Erica @epapillionposey from Colorado (4,501 Likes, 161 Comments)

Erica from Colorado
Classical/Jazz vocalist Erica has more than just astounding talent: she has amazing style! Her short selection of well tailored looks embraced neutrals, punctuated by great shoes.
@AshleesGram wrote, “I like this a lot? The fashion bloggers you usually pick seem to all look the same (blogger starter kit) ripped jeans, strappy sandels, and flannel shirts with a attitude pose to boot.lol This woman is giving me mature, stylist, classy, sophisticated lady! Kudos.”
3 Erica from Colorado

3. Shenique @shequestyle from Turks & Caicos (4,117 Likes, 103 Comments)
Shenique from Turks & Caicos
Shenique from the Turks & Caicos brought loads of color, prints, and punch to our Bombshell feature.
5 Shenique from Turks & Caicos
Readers were wowed, leaving comments like, “She’s gorgeous, great smile and fashion as well.”
2 Shenique from Turks & Caicos
@Honye_xo was over the moon, typing, “YES! YES! A million times YES! ?????” We couldn’t agree more!
3 Shenique from Turks & Caicos

4. Eunice aka @fashionsplayground from Wales (4,405 Likes, 99 Comments)
3 Eunice from Wales
Eunice dazzled us all with her bomb looks and bodacious form.
2 Eunice from Wales
She worked a wrap dress like no other, and enlivened everything from jumpsuits to wrap skirts with her singular flair.
Eunice from Wales
@IamChevinell effused, “Wow this lady is gorgeous. Simple and elegant yet sexy. Yasss girllll ???”
8 Eunice from Wales

5. Sabine @thebstinger from Florida (5,642 Likes, Over 138 Comments)
Sabine from Florida
Sabine The B Stinger worked chic and simple looks to the max.
2 Sabine from Florida
The bright eyed Florida based Bombshell summed up her style perfectly, typing, “My style is classic, with a hint of trend.”
5 Sabine from Florida
5,642 likes made her a Fashion Bomb favorite! @MonicaTeamGood said, “Never heard [of] her but her swagggggggg is on overload! The world better follow because she is about to blow!” Kaboom!
3 Sabine from Florida

6. Charmaine @Charmsie from Atlanta (5,407 Likes, 142 Comments)
2 Charmaine from Atlanta
Charmsie is all around creative, whether she’s unleashing a litany of looks for Halloween or moonlighting in our Bombshell feature.
8 Charmaine from Atlanta
She wrote, “My style is very eclectic, I can look like completely different people throughout the week and I love that.”
7 Charmaine from Atlanta
You guys loved it, too, with Antoinette typing, “Charmaine is awesome from head to toe!!!!!!! She’s a fashion DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charmaine from Atlanta

7. Marche aka @marcherobinson from North Carolina (5,743 Likes, 147 Comments)
Marche from North Carolina
We’ve had loads of 2nd timers this year, including Marche from North Carolina.
8 Marche from North Carolina
About her style, she said “I like trends as much as the next person but also try to pair them with classic pieces that I can wear to work and years to come.”
6 Marche from North Carolina
Absolutely everyone wanted to know where she bought her items and @TheBlaqueMusePhoto wrote, “Oh my god love this and she has my body type too lol.”
5 Marche from North Carolina

8. Brenda @theonlyskinnybish from Ottawa (4,782 Likes, 203 Comments)
7 Brenda from Ottawa
Brenda worked a series of feminine styles and silhouettes, incorporating loads of African prints.
13 Brenda from Ottawa
The 3rd time Bombshell said, “I would say my style is very colorful, trendy and happy.”
9 Brenda from Ottawa
Rae B was on board, and said, “Girl you killed it! I loved every fit…from the patterns to the color schemes. I wish more of my African genes were dominant because your curves are crazy and your waist is snatched! lol lol sigh to be a woman with the “apple shape.”
6 Brenda from Ottawa

9. Teki @teki_02 from Texas (4,292 Likes, 97 comments)
teki from texas
Teki from Texas slayed with simple ‘fits that every woman could find flattering.
teki from texas
On Instragram, readers wrote, “Killed it, completely!” and “Murdered Every Look.”
89  teki from texas
She wrote, “I don’t think fashion should be about only sticking to high end designers, but rather how you can obtain the look of a high end outfit.”
1  teki from texas

10. Chaunie @southernfashiondoll from Dallas (4,552 Likes, 80 Comments)

FBD - Chaunie - 2
In her Bombshell post, Chaunie wrote, “In my world, there are no rules to the fashion game. As long as you have pure confidence in yourself, you can wear whatever you desire!”

FBD - Chaunie - 10
@KenyaDoll wrote, “Her style is hot!!! Love it!!!”
FBD - Chaunie - 5
Krystal Rene added, “Love the wardrobe! Love her style! Loved the positive things she had to say! Your fashion represents who YOU are. She’s polished with a hint of edge!”
FBD - Chaunie - 4

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