Time has certainly flown by for 2017. Many Bombers were spotted, discovered, or even aspired to be crowned as the flyest male, while myself and the rest of the Fashion Bomb Daily squad reached a verdict. Well, this time we watched and listened to our Bomb readers who’s style you loved the most. Here’s to our top five Bombers who owned 2017 with their dope style!


1. Omar, @thereal_chuck_bass from Boston (2,144 likes; 26 comments)

Now, this bomber is one for the books! He’s goals because he’s managed to take his handsome looks and dapper street style to the big screen. He’s made a special appearance on Fox TV show Empire and dazzles in Essence Magazine features. This man is going places!

 @elle.barr said, “Fashion Bomb Daily?!!!!!!! You better WORK Omar (fire emojis*).”

What can’t Omar do? We love him because he’s not over the top and is confident in his skin.


2.  Adeboya, @theorgangenerd from Lagos, Nigeria (1,771 likes; 38 comments)

Adebayo indulges in the beauty of art and uses himself as a canvas to express his style.

He isn’t afraid to show off a little skin and vibrant colors are treated as his statement pieces. This may explain his clothing line @orangecultureng, an “androgynous” menswear line that expresses Nigerian culture vividly through his lens.

@theblackem on Instagram wrote, @theorangenerd, congratulations dear…One of my best designers #GodBlessYou.” Just let his designs speak for itself!



3. Henri, @mesyeuxsurtoi from Paris (1,758 likes; 11 comments)

Remember this trendy couple? Well, Henri and his edgy lady share a fashion blog mesyeuxsurtoi.com. Their blog is unique because they’re a dynamic duo when posed side by side, yet they give their readers a chance to glimpse solo pics of their personal style.

We love Henri because he is a hat fanatic, loves layers and doesn’t mind adding some comfort to his streetwear aesthetics. To amplify his looks, his thick and healthy looking beard does the trick. Bottomline, versatility is key and he nailed that in all of his pics!

@stephn_p wrote, “Style + Looks…what a winning hand!”

Henri just continues to exude effortlessness. We’ve got you locked in our style file for sure!


4. Michael, @youngmikeofficial from Kingston, Jamaica (1,361 likes; 63 comments)


Michael was a looker instantly once he described his style as a “chameleon.” Well, he proved that to the max with his eclectic dapper style. Did I mention he makes custom tailored suits @lepremiermiami? Yea, he knows what he’s doing!

@yassssss_tt wrote, “I like how masculine you still are in all of your looks… that’s because you wear your clothes, they don’t wear you.”

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Michael, your looks just continue to rise to the top! Keep it up!


5. Karlmond, @karlmond from London (849 likes; 10 comments).

Karlmond was discovered on Tumblr mrboystyle.com. He describes his ethnicity and background as “British-born and Chinese.” His style is a mix of urban streetwear, yet very tailored and dapper. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can pull off just about any look.

@shavonnemichele wrote, “Great style. It feels like an authentic expression of individuality through fashion, rather than just “outfits.”

 He is definitely Bomber material!

There you have it! These Bombers have proved that individuality is key through their own distinct styles.

What do you think of our Bombers of the Year?