Rihanna was in a celebratory mood last night in NYC, smootching and licking movers and shakers at hot club spot Pink Elephant:

Rihanna Long Nails

While her leopard print top and gold chain look quite chic, my attention was immediately drawn to her long, pointy, red fingernails:

Rihanna Pink Elephant New York

I personally go for a shorter square nail–it makes it easier to type! When my nails get too long, they become difficult to maintain (not to mention their clawlike appearance!).
What about you? How long do you go?

PS This is so random, but any Family Guy fans will find this hilarious:

29 thoughts on “Beauty Verdict : Rihanna’s Long Red Nails”

  1. i personally love this look, but i’m sure i’m in the minority. i love long nails (and take the L on the typing speed) and I recently re-shaped them to make them pointy like rihanna’s. not a popular look among my friends, but i think it’s fun once in a while when you’re going for a vampy look.

  2. I actually noticed them in previous pics… i like them on her (someone that does not have to worry about typing- lol) but i would not go for this look myself, but they weork for her.

  3. I like the red, but the pointy tip is a bit too much for me. I prefer nails on the short-medium side with a oval tip.. I just think it looks so much classier…

  4. Her nails have always been pointy and they have always disturbed me. I personally prefer the square tip because I feel they make my hands look better and my nails grow natrually square. The pointy nails remind of those fake nails that come in toys for little girls at the hood 99 cents store lol.

  5. Not a good look on those nails, but it works for Miss Rih.

    HI-larious family guy clip, btw!

  6. This style is definitely not for the average person. However, an artist of her caliber can pull this off any day.
    Dare to be different!

  7. I am always a ri ri fan!
    But im sorrry rihanna, these nails are just scary! They are not chic, they are not classy, they are not any look a stylish person should go for!
    But the rest of you is still fierce! Like always!


  8. First off, i LOVE that Family Guy Clip!! Secondly i have always despised Rhianna’s nails.. I think they are very tacky.. but to each is own.

  9. Love the colour, hate the length and shape. Can’t help but feel she’s channeling the whole 1980s feel combined with a True Blood/Twilight vampire vibe… doesn’t rub me up the right way :(

  10. I’ve been watching this for some time now, and they seem to be getting longer. I remember when rounded or pointer nails were in way back when. Honestly these look a lil vampirish…(if that’s even a word. Maybe she will spark a trend??

  11. I usually love Rihanna but she’s not permanently in the “Paranoid” video and this look is definitely not cute-not to mention potentially dangerous and barely functional.
    Side note: Having a photo of you licking a guys face..never a good look.

  12. fashion forward, hot, and fun for trying a new trend. i’m looking for press-on’s like these for a photoshoot.

  13. I love Rihanna’s long red pointed nails. I think that they are very stylish! I want my nails like that soo bad but instead of red, i will get mines painted yellow!

  14. I really like her nails. It is different and looks better than the regular square shaped nails in my opinion. I would have mine just a little bit shorter though but the look works for her. Her hands are pretty.

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