So I’ve begun to notice a handful of Bomb Celebs rocking big, look-at-me, bangs:

Beauty Verdict Bangs

Expectant mother Kelis wore blond bangers in a magazine spread for Oyster Magazine, Sheree grew bangs to bless the second season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and J. Lo rocked hers on set for her new movie.

The style can instantly change your essence, adding a dash of mystery to your look.

While I 100% cosign a little side sweep action like Christina Milian:

Christina Milian

Anything else seems a little severe:


I personally can’t stand hair in my face!

What about you?

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7 thoughts on “Beauty Verdict: The Big Bang Theory”

  1. I think you really need to think about your face shape and hair texture before you chose the bang. Typically sideswept bangs look great on everyone. If you have a larger forehead the long straight across bangs are great. Never get them too short though, they look terrible! I have had a variety of all and I love them!

  2. you have to have the face for it. I had the style hat Lisa Raye has and it drove me crazy, first of all i broke out on my forehead from the bangs..which was a no go and then the style is so limiting that i was stuck wearing it like that for like 2 months…Let’s just say it’s nice on others.

  3. I wear my hair short and I always wear a colored bang. I get a lot of compliments on it and even the days that I really don’t feel like styling my hair, the color still gives an edge. I like bangs!!!

  4. I think bangs can be really nice if they are done right..bangs are not for everyone.

  5. my hair isn’t layered and quite long and dark.
    i used to always wear it sideswept and curled. or a big quiff and big beehives..
    but i’ve always wanted to do a fringe but i didn’t dare cut one since my hair isn’t naturally straight and so i was worried it’ll be to high to maintain getting a fringe. i finally got one cut…
    and omg! i look like a completely different person. i can pull off two completely different styles. i love it… it’s just below my eyebrows and it makes my eyes stand out so much more and i can rock a punky edge by laying the eyeliners or just look glamorous hairspraying it back like i didn’t even get on cut.
    thankfully, i’m oval shaped so i can pull off just about any hairstyle, but i do not exxagerate when i say i got a compliment off everyone i knew. even the 4 teachers stopped the class to talk about how good my fringe is to the class!
    i think fringes are a good look and it can totally change your look without having ot be too drastic.
    god i just blabbed sorry.

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