When you’re the daughter of rock legend, Lenny Kravitz, and one of the most beloved actresses of Cosby and A Different World fame, Lisa Bonet, you’re just bound to be a vessel of coolness. There’s no way around it. Zoe Kravitz undeniably embodies just that, and has made a name for herself outside the accomplishments of her parents. Blazing the silver screen in movies like Dope and most recently Rough Night, all eyes are definitely on her. Her slight elusiveness coupled with her charming and witty personality have many wanting more, and we’d be remiss in saying we didn’t feel the same.
Zoe has rarely been a fan of dramatic makeup, but that doesn’t mean her look is any less interesting when she gets glammed up. She favors tones that compliment her skin tone. Light pinks and nudes usually fall under her beauty repertoire as far as her lips and eyes are concerned. A subtle highlight on her cheekbones and in the corners of her eyes give her an almost angelic glow. 

But every now and then, like most women who love makeup, she sports a brooding red lip to add excitement to her look.
 Zoe’s affinity for going against the grain is especially showcased with all the hair transformations she’s undergone. Possibly using both parents as references, Zoe may not have made a full commitment to dreadlocks, but she adores braids. From long, cascading raven colored braids to a cute top knot for a day out, one look at her can serve as inspiration for women who may want to try alternative styles for braided hair. 


 While some women may not be as daring, Zoe never seems to shy away from a change. She traded in her black braids for platinum blonde ones, drawing attention to her gorgeous dark eyebrows and bone structure.  

   As of late, well, since this year’s Met Gala, she let the braids go and now sports a cute pixie cut, a la Mia Farrow in her heyday.  

Here’s to Zoe Kravitz: a girl who constantly redefines beauty standards without subscribing to any. So much so, she’s become an ambassador for YSL Beauty. And with the beauty looks she’s been serving lately, we’re certain she’ll shake things up even more as the year progresses.

For more, spy our gallery above!

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