With a slew of pop and trap beats permeating the airwaves, this week’s beauty crush is a welcome departure from all things aggressive and annoyingly catchy.  Top Dawg Entertainment’s first (and only) lady, Solána Imani Rowe, better known as SZA, has a sound and an affinity for pensive lyricism that has the entire world buzzing. Exploring the nuances of female sexuality, insecurities, vulnerability, and naïveté through her music, her journey to find control over the things in her life led the 26 year old to her latest project CTRL, released June 9th. Amid the anticipation, we couldn’t help but join the wave.
As with all artists, self-expression is absolute. And it’s usually expressed through a tweaking of one’s appearance. During her early days in the music scene, the “Love Galore” singer sported big red hair.
 Now, it’s back to black, but hasn’t lost any of its volume or charm. Whether full of loose curls, in a high ponytail with accompanying bangs, or braided in intricate patterns, SZA treats her mane as her crowning glory. 



 A naturally beautiful girl with flawless skin, makeup isn’t a necessity for the sultry songbird. With a face as adorably freckled as hers, who’d want to cover it up with layers of foundation?  Staying true to low-maintenance, yet effortlessly gorgeous form, SZA typically sticks to lightly tinted balms to add a little warmth to her full lips and a touch of mascara to add depth to her eyes.   Nonetheless, what makes SZA beautiful extends far beyond the physical. Her willingness to lay her soul bare through anthems that hit to the core displays a level of courage a lot of artists today lack. Her delicious candor regarding the peaks and valleys of love, relationships, situationships, and the accompanying anxiety has millions of people hungry for more of her story. And for that, we salute SZA.

For more of our favorite beauty shots of SZA, spy our gallery above!
What do you think?  Have you listened to CTRL yet?