As the saying goes, “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next, you’re out.”  But this week’s beauty crush has, is, and will always be in.  We all know how fleeting the career lifespan of a model can be, even if she was one of top earners.  But since being discovered at the age of fifteen, and recently celebrating her 47th birthday, Naomi Campbell continues to dominate the modeling world with a walk as legendary as her name.  Not many can accomplish all this British icon has.  Countless magazine covers and editorials, runway shows, and ad campaigns still keep her the working model she is, but there’s more to Naomi than meets the eye.  Which probably explains why she’s still so sought after. Naomi’s career sky-rocketed during the days of Gianni Versace.  Being one of his muses, she sashayed down the catwalk of every show of his during his lifetime, often walking hand-in-hand with him at the end of his collections.   

 Soon before long, she became one of the most sought after models of the 90’s, often walking for Azzedine Alaïa, Chanel, and eventually becoming a regular on the Victoria’s Secret runway.  
With access to high-end designers and their fabulous garb, Naomi’s style has always been flawless.  But great style is only half the package, as Naomi’s beauty completes it.  Though her hair has seen many changes for shows and editorials, she often kept a middle part with waist length hair, either curly or straightened.  Naomi did have a heavier brow in the nineties, making her appear more sultry.     She still adores the long, flowing mane she’s become known for, but Naomi loves to switch things up every now and again.  From bangs to a cute crop, she enjoys keeping onlookers on their toes with a change.  Her makeup is often soft and subtle these days, with a slight flush to the cheeks and a nude gloss.  But sometimes, she enjoys kicking things up a notch with a colored lip.
   We could go on and on about Naomi’s external beauty, but it only scratches the surface of how dynamic a woman she’s become.  She, along with Bethann Hardison, have fought tirelessly for more black models to be featured on the runways and in fashion magazines.  She’s fought for equal pay and the abolition of racial bias in the modeling industry, which was highlighted in an open letter she, along Hardison and Iman, penned to the governing bodies of global fashion week shows, naming all the designers who didn’t use black girls during their fall 2013 runway shows.
  Outside of fashion, Naomi has been racking up roles to perfect her pretty impressive acting chops.  From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air era to present-day Empire, American Horror Story: Hotel, and Star, she’s proven she’s here to conquer the acting world as well.

For as much as she’s been afforded during the span of her career through sheer hard work, passion, focus and dedication, she often says she feels a civic responsibility to give back.

She established the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund during a benefit Versace presentation at Nelson Mandela’s presidential estate.  Her charity work through her yearly Fashion For Relief fashion show has raised millions since its inception to aid in natural disaster recovery efforts and AIDS research.Naomi has given the world so much more than a fierce picture in a magazine or a glide down the runway than no one can imitate.  She has bridged the gap through fashion and charity, and remains a vocal opponent to those who won’t recognize the equity and beauty in black models.  For that, we tip our hats to Naomi Campbell.  She has paved the way for models like Chanel Iman and Jordan Dunn and will always deemed an inspiration for little black girls who want to take on the industry.

For more of the iconic Naomi Campbell, spy our gallery above!

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