With the start of a new year, we’re all about introducing fresh faces. While we may all know her as the daughter of Steve and Marjorie Harvey, this week’s beauty crush, Lori Harvey, is well on her way to creating a name for herself in the worlds of fashion and beauty. bcw-lori-harvey-8

As the daughter of a mega-successful entertainer and a woman as fashionable and fabulous as Marjorie, Lori may have some fierce shoes to fill. But it seems the gorgeous 19-year-old front row fashion week fixture, who boasts over 213,000 Instagram followers, is doing so with ease, especially when it comes to makeup. 


Lori knows what works for her complexion and typically favors nudes and earthy tones on the lips and eyes and a little bit of Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder bronzer for good measure. bcw-lori-harvey-5 bcw-lori-harvey-3 bcw-lori-harvey-16 But every now and then, she’ll punch things up with a striking red lip. Classic, no?bcw-lori-harvey-6As for hair, she has a lot of it, but manages it so well. Whether bone straight, curly, or showcasing cascading waves, her mane stays on point with nary a strand out of place.  bcw-lori-harvey-11 bcw-lori-harvey-9

bcw-lori-harvey-15 bcw-lori-harvey-20So, here’s to this week’s beauty crush, Lori Harvey!  Stylish, beautiful, and a selfie savant with major confidence!  Like mother, like daughter!  bcw-lori-harvey-19

For more, spy our gallery of our favorite beauty shots of Lori.

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