The dawn of the new supermodel is upon us.  While there are the girls that are captains of their editorial and runway domains, this week’s beauty crush has dominated the arena of becoming her own brand.  While many may know her for her biting wit and unfiltered realness on Twitter, as a Sports Illustrated cover girl, and oh yeah, as the wife of superstar musician, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen has launched a career for herself with no signs of stopping.  And she always looks flawless for each camera flash.
 To compliment her stunningly tanned complexion, Chrissy loves sticking to a palette of golds and nudes.  A glossy lip, bronzer and a little highlight is typically all she needs.  

But a girly girl at heart, she and makeup artist, Mary Philips, enjoy mixing things up with a little color.  Sometimes opting for peach or orange.  And when the mood strikes, she can deepen her shade with a prim and proper plum.
   As for hair, the supermodel has undoubtedly grown accustomed to having to to sport different hairstyles from shoot to shoot.  It never gets boring for her, though, always giving onlookers a different look to gaze at.  From a cute 90’s bob…
  …to long, ombré and wavy…  
…to voluminous and full of curls, Chrissy’s hair will always be a point of interest without ever overwhelming her entire look. Aside from slaying the red carpet down at every turn, Chrissy’s fervent enthusiasm for food and cooking inspired her to author Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat.

Not only that, she’s also one of the hosts of Spike TV’s Lipsynch Battle.  But if that wasn’t enough for you…

Chrissy teamed up with Becca Cosmetics, the line behind her almost ubiquitous highlight, to create a limited edition Face Glow Palette, promising wearers an endless summer glow.

We’re all wondering how Chrissy finds the time to balance it all.  But it’s safe to say she’s doing just fine.  Supermodel, wife, mother, TV show host, author, and makeup mogul in the making, and this week’s beauty is just getting started.
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