Though we typically elect one gorgeous starlet to highlight for the week, given thile excitement surrounding this year’s Grammy Awards, it would only be fitting to give you all a double dose of fabulousness and black excellence. Hailing all the way from Houston, Texas, sisters Beyoncé and Solange have made outstanding names for themselves in the realms of entertainment and fashion, with the accolades to prove it. Beyoncé snagged two more awards at this year’s Grammy’s and Solange received her first award.

But aside from obvious talent and the achievements that seem to adorn the Knowles sisters, their beauty is just as praiseworthy.

They may be siblings, but Beyoncé and Solange couldn’t be more different in terms of style and beauty. Queen Bey doesn’t go for overkill when it comes to her makeup. For her, less is usually more. She tends to lean more toward earthy tones for her eyes and brings color to her lips. Whether a ravishing red hue, a deep plum, or nude, an almost bare face and a tinted pout always seems to work for her.

As for Solange, she’s definitely more of the risk taker of the two.  Experimenting with bold eye colors, Solange isn’t afraid of trying new things, ever since her Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dream days. From bright blues to violets and reds, she loves bringing attention to her full eyes with colors many wouldn’t dream of using. And she nails it every time. Bare lips seem to be the go-to look for the “Cranes In The Sky” crooner. On occasion, however, a red or orange lip is just the shade she needs to elevate a look. 

  Known for her honey golden locks, Beyoncé’s beautiful mane has seen it all. From a bob  to bone-straight cascading hair, to a head full of curls, or even a high-ponytail, Beyoncé loves keeping us on our toes with whatever she decides to do next.


Though Solange may not be a fan of others running their fingers through her hair, we can at least admire how she embraces and experiments with all styles. See her visual for her song “Don’t Touch My Hair” for references. Since she cut her relaxed hair a few years ago, she’s grown and maintained her natural hair, though she tends to sport fabulous afro wigs, especially during red carpet appearances.

Stunningly beautiful on the outside, both Beyoncé and Solange have used their platforms to bring awareness to the ills that currently plague people of color.  They’ve worked tirelessly to be a part of the solution through charity and how they express themselves through awe-inspiring art.  

Here’s to two of our favorite women.  Empowering mothers filled with love, who exude nothing but strength, intelligence, enviable work ethic, and downright Black Girl Magic.

What say you to this week’s picks?