Climate change is looming over our heads and tons of fast food ads are being shoved down our throats.  But, the world isn’t over yet.  Our minds can rest at ease knowing how many health conscious lifestyle bloggers there are looking out for the us who don’t place health and fitness in our top five on the list of priorities.  But there’s one who takes the cake, and probably swapped it for an organic one.  Hannah Bronfman isn’t your typical “avacado toast, acai bowl, matcha obsessed” Instagram blogger.  She hits the gym…hard…like American Ninja Warrior hard.  She spins on the turntables at some of the biggest events around the world.  A red carpet it-girl and THE go-to person for the latest in beauty hacks, organic food spots in New York, and spa treatments, Bronfman stays on the pulse of everything health, beauty, and fitness oriented, hence her lifestyle blog HBFIT.  Where else would we find out about microcurrent facials?  And how does even squeeze in the time?
With Instagram being so “of-the-minute” as it relates to how quickly posts are shared, Bronfman loves showcasing how quickly she gets ready when there’s no glam squad. A little oil-free tinted moisturizer by Honest Beauty and she’s good to go!
 When she typically adds color, Bronfman likes to make things pop with a touch of mascara on her upper lashes and either a red or plum to tint her lips.  Stila’s “Stay All Day” Liquid Lipstick in “Beso” ($24) is usually her top choice.

  Spinning on the ones and twos may be work for Hannah, but she easily hits the right tune with her eye makeup.  A winged eye for her leather top and slicked back hair for a classy-meets-rebel vibe.  A subtle smokey eye for nighttime to add a little dimension to her lids.  And even a bit of glitter on her lash line during a Coachella set.  It’s all about those tiny nuances that make the impact.

Whatever the occasion, she always meshes a classic face with doses of personality, especially when it comes to her nails.  She swears by the work of nail artist Mei Kawajiri, who creates fun, elaborate nail designs respective to occasion and even pop culture.  From Kimojis to shimmering stars to bridal caricatures of Hannah and her husband, Brendan Fallis, for her wedding day, Hannah loves expressing herself not only through what she wears, but through her gorgeous manicures.

 Her beauty regimen is just as stringent as her workouts, as she’s a firm believer in taking care of her body from the inside out.  From boxing to pilates, you can almost always see her working up a sweat on her Instagram stories, in between DJ’ing and vacationing with her gorgeous mother, of course.

Here’s to this week’s beauty crush, Hannah Bronfman.  Not only does she use her platform to promote a healthy lifestyle through clean eating and fitness, but she also encourages young women to live a fulfilling life through self-love and owning inner-confidence, despite insecurities.  We couldn’t agree more!
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