It seems like everyone has a YouTube beauty channel these days.  But only few can manage to garner the attention of millions of followers and powerhouse brands.  This week’s beauty crush happens to be one of the few who stands above the rest.  Hailing all the way from Brazil, Camila Coelho not only delves expertly into all things beauty, but she showcases her amazing style on her blog, as well as her Instagram.  And we took notice.Since hitting the blogosphere in 2014 becoming Brazil’s go-to girl for all things glam, it’s not difficult to see why her tips and advice on all things beauty is so sought after.  Coelho usually has a variegated shade of nude framing her pout from look to look.  But she does shake things up every now and then, especially for night time.  

She never says no to a good smokey-eye. And when it comes to lining her tearducts with vibrant hues, she’s become a master of the art. 

 Gorgeous, no?  This beauty’s not just a blogger, though.  Like the ones who’ve amassed massive followings, she put that to good use and developed her own cosmetics line with Sigma Cosmetics called Nightlife by Camila Coelho. As for hair, she’s traded in her longer tresses for the chicest lob.   
  The sky’s the limit for the Brazilian babe.  Magazine covers, fashion shows, a makeup line and a successful blog, we can only wait with baited breath for what’s next for Coelho.What do you think of this week’s pick?