Hey Bombers!

Minx Nails have been gracing the manicured hands of tons of celebrities, offering a bright shiny polish with a dash of edge. I recently saw Keri Hilson rocking the nail trend at Carol’s Daughter’s Atlanta store opening:


You can get your own custom Minx designs starting at $45 for manicures and $65 for pedicures according Natasha Ray, owner and manicurist of Dainty As She Wanna Be Natural Nail Lounge on Capitol Hill.

Golden Lightening Studs Minx

This amazing nail coating is a foil that comes in 100’s of colors and designs and doesn’t need drying time so this means no smudging or chipping.

Minx Nails

You can even go Presidential–check out Eve’s Obama Minx!

Eve's Obama Minx Nail

“Fall nail fashion trends include anything dazzling and vivid colors like silvers, metallics, mattes, reds and purples,” says Natasha.  Of course, Minx should only be applied by a professional so make sure your nail guru is Minx certified ladies.

Solange Minx Nails

For the DC area diva’s visit Natasha Ray at Dainty As She Wanna Be Natural Nail Lounge, 709 D Street SE, Washington, DC. If you’re in town, call her at (202) 538-0142 or visit her website www.msdainty.com.

Have you or will you be trying this trend?