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Minx Nails have been gracing the manicured hands of tons of celebrities, offering a bright shiny polish with a dash of edge. I recently saw Keri Hilson rocking the nail trend at Carol’s Daughter’s Atlanta store opening:


You can get your own custom Minx designs starting at $45 for manicures and $65 for pedicures according Natasha Ray, owner and manicurist of Dainty As She Wanna Be Natural Nail Lounge on Capitol Hill.

Golden Lightening Studs Minx

This amazing nail coating is a foil that comes in 100’s of colors and designs and doesn’t need drying time so this means no smudging or chipping.

Minx Nails

You can even go Presidential–check out Eve’s Obama Minx!

Eve's Obama Minx Nail

“Fall nail fashion trends include anything dazzling and vivid colors like silvers, metallics, mattes, reds and purples,” says Natasha.  Of course, Minx should only be applied by a professional so make sure your nail guru is Minx certified ladies.

Solange Minx Nails

For the DC area diva’s visit Natasha Ray at Dainty As She Wanna Be Natural Nail Lounge, 709 D Street SE, Washington, DC. If you’re in town, call her at (202) 538-0142 or visit her website www.msdainty.com.

Have you or will you be trying this trend?


20 thoughts on “Beauty Bomb: Dress Up Your Manicure with Minx!”

  1. ooh, thanks for sharing, live in DC, yay.

    Hmm, $45 dollars for a mani, is hmm, but It’s exclusive and will do this as a treat for a fun night out etc :)!

  2. I love the concept of Minx nails. $45 is a bit much, but it’s a dope way to stand out on a special occasion.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try minx for a while now but I only found one place that does it in Chicago, and there was a 3 week waiting list…WHAT??? No thanks.

  4. Yeah, i researched places in LA, and they want $65 and up for a mani. Not happenin.

    Besides, I heard the mani only lasts like a week and a half. Sorry, but I’m gonna need my $65 to go a bit further than that, THANK you!

  5. I just called Natasha Ray’s hair salon here in DC and all I can say is…WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I called to ask about the Minx nails and to set an appointment and who ever answered the phone had the WORST attitude, was very unhelpful in trying to set up an appointment time. I sincerely hope that the person I spoke to was not Natasha herself, because with an attitude like that her business will not go far at all. Who wants to give their hard-earned $$ (esp. $45?!) to an unhelpful person with a nasty attitude?? NOT I !! Needless to say, as excited as I was to learn about Minx nails being in DC, this place will not be getting any of my business. BUYER BEWARE!!

  6. I’ve seen them in person, they look nice. To me there for a special event, not really practical for everday. $50 for a week and a half? No thanks.

  7. I just got minx last week at Bliss spa in new york for my weekend vegas trip. The look was amazing (i got the one in the first picture) and people really liked it. It’s supposed to last one to two weeks but after the third day the tips started to fray and peel a small bit. I wasn’t planning on keeping it for more than the weekend (not work appropriate) but for some, that might be a turn off. It didn’t look bad from far away but it started to get on my nerves (it doesn’t look like chipped nails, just dull at the tips). I would say good for a special event but I don’t know about making it my permanent go to mani option.

  8. I’ve seen them before as well. Actually, a coworker got them done for her bday and they looked really nice. I might be making myself an appointment to hype myself for fall! Maybe a deep bronze??

  9. I’ve been given the ok by higher power to respond to this message despite the how it negatively effects my character as a business owner. First and foremost professionalism and customer service are top priority for my business and my success. Keeping this in mind I hold the respect of my clients HIGH. With all do respect I extend an apoligize to MsCamille, for her experience. I have no knowledge of your call today but as the owner, however I do have students that have been interning with me for the past two weeks.Let me kindly rectify I do not own a hair salon I own a Natural Nail Lounge. Perhaps you communicated with the wrong salon.
    In the future, I hope that you can have a more pleasing experience.

  10. I got minxed today and have been doing so all summer, at Dainty As She Wanna Be on Capitol Hill owner Natasha Ray. I was surprised at the above negative comment. Natasha is a very sweet and pleasant person who makes sure that her clients are comfortable and satisfied. She is all about her clients and I highly recommed her services. Whether you get a manicue, pedicure or minx you will have an experience to remember.

  11. oh one more thing… i got minxed 4 weeks ago… nails lasted fingers lasted just over 2 weeks and only had to come off b/c you could see nail growth… not fraying, chipping, fading AT ALL. and on my toes, it is still going strong and looks PERFECT… no maintenance required… definitely worth the extra cost to get something that lasts that long!

  12. $45 is a really good price. In the UK we pay £25 (40) for normal acylics so im sure minkx will be around £40($65) or even more!

  13. NATASHA RAY is the BEST! She has been doing my minx since the spring and I have NEVER been disappointed! I have gotten so many compliments and I HIGHLY recommend her if you are ever in DC!

  14. I am a fan of minx I love it!!!!!I especially love my nail technician Natasha at Dainty as She Wanna Be Natural Nail Lounge. I enjoy the soothing atmosphere and the pampering I receive when getting my minx………..

  15. I have to agree with Gerlinde, Natasha has been my exclusive Master Minx(ologist)
    for over a year. She also does my regular mani and pedi. Natasha is the ultimate
    professional and her energy allows you to chat with her about anything
    from politics to fashion and all things personal. She was the first in her
    field to truly educate me on natural nail care. The Nail Lounge ( not a salon) provides
    a very relaxing atmosphere and I look forward to each and every visit.
    KUDOS to Natasha for starting and operating a very sucessful business!

  16. Wow ladies….I got MINX for the first time love it!!!! I got it done @ SASSY Nail Spa in DC. If you haven’t heard….its the best kept secret in DC…sooooo relaxing!!! I got a martini pedicure with minx…massage so good and the minx is fabulos!!!! Still on it’s been 4 weeks already!!!! OMG!!!

  17. I only deal with Natasha over @ the Nail Lounge in Washington DC .. .Love her service and most importantly her kind spirit. It’s always a pleasure when being serviced by NaTasha… LoveYaGirl!

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