7 thoughts on “Amber Rose’s Newest Modeling Shots”

  1. The first two shots are cheesy, I like the third one. The fist outfit looks completely thrown together and that lil’ beaded necklace is killing me.

  2. perhaps Kanyw should have styled this shoot. and possibly had found a better photog. I hope she was doing this as a favor because with all those people she has met through Kanye, she should be collecting cards and mingling, getting her name out. She has all those resources and her shoot looks like this? She should have came harder or not posted these pics.

  3. I like the third pic…hmmmm the styling could be slightly better but I think Amber R did a good job with the poses…

  4. The third pic with the sunglasses from the necklace framing the face on the t-shirt is hot. Everyting else, not so hot.

    I didn’t like Amber at first then I thought “I can’t hate girl looks fierce.” Now the more I see her the less fierce she looks. She’s coming off as a poser now. That haircut def saved her “average pretty face.”

  5. What do I think? I think the beauty shot is okay. But, my main thought is that leopard print spandex should be burned and burried!

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