(Super easy and comfortable)

Not everyone loves the shape or position of their nose. Initially, to change this, people needed to go through a surgical process to carry out a nose lift. Things have changed and the process is now less risky as a nose thread lift is the easiest option most people can now go for. This non-surgical method is comfortable with immediate and long term results especially when carried out by a professional and at a renowned clinic too. Here are some of the advantages of carrying out a nose thread lift.

An immediate lift

With a thread lift, it is possible to walk out of the clinic immediately with an elevated and tighter looking complexion. This is because a thread lift includes the use of dissolvable threads beneath the skin. The threads used usually have poly-L- lactic acid (PLLA) which can be broken down by the body with time. Once they are injected beneath the skin, the threads are affixed to particular areas of the face and then dragged upwards to instantly lift the skin.

Long term results

Adding to its ability of immediately lifting the skin, the nose thread lift PLLA dissolvable threads equally work to slowly and gradually kindle new collagen production. This can make one be plumper, look younger with a vibrant complexion that can last for like a year since the thread used dissolves naturally.

Extremely safe method of doing a nose lift

A thread lift is quite a secured and effective means of carrying out a nose. The process takes even less than 60 minutes to be done. Most people who carry out 1Aesthetics aesthetic clinic nose thread lift find the process extremely comfortable because a numbing cream that can reduce any pain which could be felt from the needle and cannula is applied to the area.

For anyone interested in carrying out an aesthetic clinic nose thread lift should carry out their research about the clinic before booking their treatment. This is to ensure that the non-surgical nose lift method is carried out by a professional, to avoid any sort of complications.

Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

When new collagen production is stimulated, the thread helps to make fine lines and wrinkles smooth in any place where the threads are placed.  

Tighter looking skin

Just because the type of threads used can help in stimulating new collagen, they can aid in tightening one’s skin naturally which helps in reducing any visible tracks of facial sagging.

No downtime

One of the main downsides of a surgical facelift is that; the recovery time can be quite complex. Naturally, the recovery time can last for about a month which is not the situation when it comes to thread lifts. 

With the nose thread lift, one can even go out during lunch break and be back at the desk in the afternoon which will leave everyone amazed at how the young-looking skin was achieved in a short space of time.