Irish designer Tom Binns has created some of the most talked about pieces in fashion by mixing antique style with modern colors and materials. A 25 year veteran in the industry, he has collaborated with Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren, and Swarovski:

Tom Binns Jewelry

Binns statement making jewelry is consistently impressive, and with Michelle Obama as a customer, it’s hard to dispute his talent.

A preview of his Autumn/Winter line looks like classic Tom Binns, with plenty of sparkle and punky edge:

Tom Binns Jewelry

Tom Binns Jewelry


What do you think of Tom Binns?

~Sean Garrette

4 thoughts on “Accessory Report: Tom Binns Fall 2009 Collection”

  1. I adore Tom Binns work … I have been following him for a little while now and I love the contrast between punk and elegance. Loves it, I’m surprised I haven’t seen Rihanna in any of his work yet. But it makes sense he has worked with Vivienne because his work reflects the style that she looks to portray through her ranges.

  2. I just fell in love… this is fab! I would just die to have one of his creations!!!

  3. Lovin that neon bracelet and the zipper pull earrings. Hotness! I love the juxtaposition….very cool.

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