My homegirl Ty Alexander from Gorgeous in Grey recently posted a screenshot from a glossy UK magazine, lauding new (!) trendy (!) Boxer Braids, known to most as Cornrows.
About these Boxer Braids  cornrows
It reads, “Every so often, a hairstyle becomes so major amongst the A-list that we all get a bit obsessed…Cue the boxer braids: originally used as a way to control curly or Afro hair, the schoolgirl cool style has been making its way through the stars and shows no sign of dying down. We first saw it on model Hailey Baldwin, then Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and even North West. But it was Kim Kardashian who cemented the style of the moment.”
Kim Kardashian and cutie North West were spotted in the snow while out in NYC. Adorbs.
Objection #1: Why is this trend obsessed writer calling them boxer braids? Doesn’t she mean cornrows?
cornrows fashion bomb dailiy boxer braids
Objection #2: The writer admits that they were originally used to control ‘curly or Afro’ hair…so why not feature some brown skinned beauties to display the look?
Keri hilson cornrows boxer braids fashion bomb daily
Objection #3: Why/how do the Kardashian/Jenner ‘s always seem to get credit for ‘cementing’ a style that originated in minority communities?
Kendall Jenner Bold Braids
At any rate, this is yet another example of a magazine admiring a trend that started in a minority community, slapping a new name on it, and giving zero credit or love to brown skinned beauties.
Does this grind your gears, or are you rolling your eyes and over it?
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