Because celebrities know that they’re always in the public eye whenever they step outside the boundaries of their home, they’re known to have some tricks up their sleeve to be photo-ready whenever paparazzi show up. While this has been attributed to plastic surgery and beauty treatments, it’s actually a lot simpler and cheaper than that in many cases. Everyone has a “good side” and attractive features – they just need to learn how to bring them out in a way that makes their best qualities pop in a photo. 

If you’re wondering how you can look as dashing as your favorite celebrities in your social media photos, here are seven of the most effective tricks that celebrities use to look more attractive in photos

The right makeup 

Wearing the right makeup doesn’t mean that you have to drop a fortune while shopping for beauty products. Even drugstore brands can look good in photos, if you purchase products that are advertised to never oxidize. When foundation oxidizes, its hue can turn orange while the consistency can also look blotchy. Stylists from recommend reading user reviews to see if your makeup is suitable for HD images, and is known not to oxidize. That way, you can apply just a pea-sized amount without worrying about it changing color or texture over time. 

Seductive eyes 

Celebrities like Mila Kunis and Gigi Hadid are known to squint their eyes slightly in photos for a more seductive look. Don’t overdo it, though, or you might just look tired! If you naturally have big eyes, this trick might work for you. On the other hand, if you need makeup to enlarge your eyes, make sure you contour around the crease, especially if you have monolids. For eyeliner, apply liquid liner on only your upper lid with a slight upwards wing to create the illusion of almond-shaped eyes. 

Tongue posture 

If you’ve come across red carpet photos of Blake Lively and Lady Gaga, you’ll notice how they position their tongues along the palate whenever they pose. This method is known as mewing, and it’s medically used to slowly reconstruct the face, the way braces would, by widening the maxilla and thus lifting cheekbones and defining the jawline. This posture will also give you instant results of more lifted cheeks. 

Left side 

A recent study has proven that a person’s left side is usually their more attractive side, which is linked to how the left hemisphere, which is responsible for processing emotions, leads to exercising the left side of your face through facial expressions. You’ll notice that many celebrities will flip their hair to the right to flaunt their better sides and make their facial structure appear more defined.

Chin position 

Although you may be inclined to lift your chin up when taking photos for the appearance of a wider jawline, this may diminish the ogee curve along your cheeks and make your face appear flat. When celebrities take selfies, they usually pose in a chin-down position, while they also take their photos from a higher angle to accentuate the definition of their facial structure.


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, smizing is simply smiling with your eyes, the way Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone do in their social media photos. This can simply be done by squinting your eyes ever-so-slightly while pursing your lips in a seductive smile. If you want plumper lips without pulling off a vulgar duck face, try the trick that Charlize Theron uses which is slightly exhaling through the lips when you snap the photo. This will give you the illusion of more volumized lips, while also looking natural. 

Cheek biting

Taylor Swift is known to do this for the appearance of a hollower mid-face and higher cheekbones. This works perfectly for anyone with an overly round face. Along with your contouring makeup, bite down on the inside of your cheeks with gentle pressure. This will give you an immediate sunken look that can be enhanced by contouring right below your cheekbones. Be careful not to mistake this with a fishy face, though! You don’t want to overdo the bite, else the pose will look very unnatural. 

Depending on your facial structure and features, you may want to incorporate some of these tricks into your poses for an instant glow-up effect. On the other hand, you need to know that not all celebrities use plastic surgery to look like the best version of themselves; the simplest way you can enhance your facial features is by positioning your tongue along the roof of your mouth for higher cheekbones and a more defined jawline.