Every few months (or more often), fashion stimulates the blood circulation of those who are sensitive to it with completely new trends, so whoever wants to be up-to-date needs to be not only open but also open-minded. This time the situation is a bit luckier, as the biggest aces of the season are pieces that can make us feel weird déjà vu.

What style to choose?

You could say back to the future! So in the fall and winter seasons, we come across clothes that are mostly inspired by the past and haven’t come back so long ago, so this is their rethinking right now. And all we have to do is look for pieces that started in the 1970s and return in the 1990s and combine them as boldly as possible. Minis and maxis in advance! But let’s see exactly what it is all about!

What samples are we looking for?

So one of the peculiarities of everyday clothing is that fashions come and go, but some of its pieces are (almost) eternal. So this season we are going to see big returnees, so let’s not forget about flowers in the fall in terms of patterns, and we won’t accidentally pack our striped clothes either, but it’s time to get some checkered pieces. Checkered little suit? Yes! With a striped sweater? How much more so! The situation is that it has long been sacrificed for a uniform look from head to toe – although a brightly colored trouser suit is now very topical again – let’s not refine, pattern with a pattern, latex with plush, faux leather with the fly, i.e. courage not only for superheroes, Mixing clothes is also fashionable: let’s mix boldly! Orange, lemon, pink, lavender? This fall bows before them.

Style trends: 

If, on the other hand, we want to be completely trendy, here are a few style trends that we can really do in 2022:

Black and white

The black and white classic pair will be present in the fashion of 2022 in the form of accented patterns. In addition to the typically larger dots and wider stripes, other types of patterns, including animal or even woven, will appear in black and white. And the sets can be made even more trendy by combining black and white pieces with one or more brightly colored items.


The oversize trend has had a marked impact on fashion for years and it is already certain that 2022 will not be the year we say goodbye to it. Within the trend, exaggerated shoulder accents, dress sleeves covering the palm of the hand, and wider pants will go on next year.


Streetwear or even casual clothes inspired by casual wear will not disappear from the mainstream of fashion. Although the more neutral shades of cotton joggers remain in vogue, the bright, sometimes quite incapable, nylon warmers of the 1990s clearly come to the fore.

This brings us one step closer to not only playing at home online blackjack at home but also going ahead to a smaller casino in a jogsuit. However, this trend is still in its infancy. Therefore, if we go to an interview or a theater, for example, we give due respect and dress for something less comfortable.

Psychedelic patterns

The big hits of the year will be psychedelic patterns and textures reminiscent of the hippie era, swirling or even retinal vibrating. In addition to lightweight fabrics, such patterns will also appear on thicker, crocheted, knitted items. Presumably, this will be the trend that comes with the spring-summer season and will run out with the fall-winter season, but in the meantime, it will store even bigger.


The big comebacks of the year will be the fringed things, this time not primarily on the accessories, but on the clothes, in a particularly emphatic form. On the one hand, the frivolous chic fringed models that evoke the style of the 20s will be fashionable, but the pieces inspired by the hippie era will also be fashionable. 


Y2K, aka the fashion of the early 2000s fashion, is returning to mainstream fashion as a defining trend, especially the combination of crop top pants or hip skirts. The renaissance of the hip style, which has been happily postponed for a long time, therefore seems to be no longer swimming in 2022.

If someone doesn’t feel comfortable showing up for this, feel free to wait a few months for the trend to spread or disappear. But if we can’t wait to pick up our dreaded 2000s clothes, here’s the right time.

Trouser suit

On a sophisticated line, a sleek office look will prevail, including tight-fitting trouser suits with shoulder-accentuated, rather longer blazers, and loose-fitting trousers. In a world of colors, neutral and pastel shades dominate this trend.