We welcome loads of advertisers on Fashion Bomb Daily, increasingly now on Instagram! Over the years, we’ve worked with many brands–some flourish and some flop. Though I’d love to consult every brand that approaches us, who has time? So I thought, why not whip up a quick post with tips?
Read on:
1. Clear, beautiful pictures are key.

Instagram is all about the picture. The most transportive, envy inducing images are the ones that are crystal clear, have bold colors, beautiful people, smiling faces…you get the point.

If you are a website, invest in your images. Hire a professional photographer, professional model, and make sure you are putting forth the absolute best representation of your clothing.

Marketing is everything, especially in fashion.

2. No Writing On Your Pictures

A small watermark is fine. Your whole IG name placed over your items lowers the quality of the image. Of the below, which are you more likely to double tap?

3. Make Sure your Instagram Page is Purely Business

If you are a retailer, customers want to see what you have in store–not selfies, motivational quotes, videos, and/or family pictures. If you have a business page, keep it all business. Create a separate profile for your selfies.

4. Your Website Should Be Easy to Navigate

Along the same vein of your Instagram page, once customers are motivated to make a purchase, don’t make them search too hard to find the promoted item. Place it on the homepage or just make sure your site is easy to click and shop.

5. Invest in a Campaign

Don’t just post one ad and expect an immediate result. Customers need to be exposed to ads several times before the message sticks. I’m sure you will never forget the above picture of Kylie Jenner from Fashion Nova because the brand invested in placing the ad on several platforms at the same time. Fashion Nova invests heavily in marketing, which is why they’re winning right now (hate it or love it).

I have so many more tips! I think I could write a book…or a really long essay…or teach a course! If you have any questions, leave ’em in the comments.
Until then, what do you think?
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