We think it’s high time the plus size fashion industry was exposed to some good change, and these five companies are doing just that. With body positivity and acceptance on the rise, we expect retailers to follow suit, but that simply isn’t the case all of the time. Luckily, there are brands out there that not only embrace body positivity, but embody it on a daily basis through their business practices and wonderful selection of plus size products. Here are five companies changing the plus size clothing industry. 

1. 11 Honore 

While plus sizes started at just XL and XXL, they’ve since evolved to actually include sizing options for women of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for designer plus size women’s clothing from a company that values the empowerment of women of all sizes, 11 Honore is the best site for it. With dozens of designers and brands contributing to the site’s collection, 11 Honore is quickly becoming a hub for all things plus size clothing related. 

Whether you need a formal dress or something more casual, 11 Honore’s designer clothing will leave you feeling beautiful in your own skin; no matter what size or shape you are. With a focus on empowering women, a diverse roster of designers and brands, and customer service that is second to none, 11 Honore continues to pave its way into the spotlight of the plus size fashion world.  

2. Luvmemore

Bringing ethical production, social awareness, and inclusivity to the plus size fashion world, Luvmemore is a newer company that’s really starting to catch some attention for its dedication to size inclusivity. Size is a spectrum at Luvmemore, and everyone’s included. It’s not enough to claim to be “plus size friendly” anymore; brands truly need to up their game and take into consideration the different sizes and shapes that plus size ladies offer. 

Luvmemore is well on its way to becoming the go-to fashion hub for body positivity and inclusivity. This is a brand you’ll want to keep an eye on in the future, as we’re certain if the company continues the way it’s going, it’ll be at the forefront of the plus size fashion world in no time! 

3. Eloquii

Eloquii is an online retailer that serves ladies from size 14-28, and offers everything you need to complete your wardrobe; from boots to lingerie to formal work attire and even wedding guest dresses. Never feel like you’re missing out on the style trends of the current season, as Eloquii’s lineup of clothing is comfortable, stylish, and affordable. 

The brand takes a simple approach to the business; all women are beautiful, and plus sizes shouldn’t be excluded from having access to fashionable options. Department store plus size clothing is often incredibly uncomfortable or doesn’t look good, so Eloquii is providing a top-notch e-tailer for you to find everything you need. 

Don’t worry about ever feeling left out with Eloquii. Their customer service staff is friendly and courteous, and Eloquii’s ultimate goal is to allow you to feel beautiful in your own skin. What’s better than that? 

4. And Comfort 

And Comfort is changing the plus size landscape by focusing more on the comfort of plus size clothing than anything else. While the pieces are certainly still stylish, they’re incredibly comfortable as well. It can be quite frustrating to find a piece of clothing at a store that you absolutely love, only to find it’s uncomfortable! Leave those days behind you and switch to And Comfort for the most comfortable plus size clothing out there. 

Serving sizes 10-28, the site offers an amazing selection of comfortable clothes, so that no matter what your size or shape is, you won’t be adjusting, hemming, or returning your clothes. Featured in Glamour magazine, the site is well-known as the go-to place for comfy clothes. If you’re a size 10-28, check out And Comfort today and get your hands on some incredibly comfortable clothing. 

5. Apiece Apart 

If you’re looking for style and expert design, Apiece Apart offers both; as well as comfortable options for sizes 14-22. Everything from jumpsuits to tops and everything in between is available from this fine retailer, and the brand has truly made a name for itself in the fashion world. You won’t find expertly-designed clothing with such comfort and class as Apiece Apart has to offer. 

This designer clothing provider offers high-end designs straight from one of the country’s largest fashion hubs: New York City. If you’re looking for that authentic high-class feel in plus sizes, look no further than Apiece Apart. 

A Changing Industry 

As the world of plus size fashion continues to change and evolve, we’re certain to see new brands taking center stage as pioneers in the industry; but for now, these five companies are working hard to change things for a better tomorrow.