Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-2 Naeem Khan’s latest presentation for Fall 2016 was one to behold, with sequins and bedazzlement gliding on every look down the runway. With metallic beaded gowns, tunics and expertly tailored after-5 attire, the collection offered a wide variety of styling options for any viable fashionista.Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-29Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-32While some looks offered a metallic look, other dresses remained matte yet popped of color; reds and blacks glided down the runway, expertly stitched and cut to evoke a sense of femininity while not subtracting from the quality of the fabric and design. Plunging necklines offered seductiveness in a modest way, yet models remained covered in flirty and feminine ways.Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-33Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-30Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-31Khan played with both texture and print, constructing dresses with tulle underskirts that created body and height. He also offered selections with floral appliques and patterned fabric made to appear like velvet or silk.Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-29Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-36Inspired by Art Deco—specifically the architecture you see on the streets and skyline of New York City, the collection bolstered metallic beading and intricate design-work.Show-Review-Naeem-Khan-Fall-2016-3

The collection was multi-varied, eclectic and diversified with selections that spanned all avenues of fashion and select style.

What do you think of Naeem Khan’s collection?


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