Every person and everybody is beautiful, but the majority of people around us (maybe even you!) struggle with how they look in their own bodies and want to change things. While some things are easier to change, like your wardrobe or your nails or your hair, did you know there are many medical issues that exist that can cause physical issues with your body? Every person may be fighting a struggle that no one else can see.

Of course, if you have a scar or a broken bone or some other obvious physical issue, that may affect your physical appearance. But there are a number of internal medical issues that can also affect your outward appearance and make you feel like you cannot be as stunning as Beyonce in a crop top. But don’t ever give up that idea of yourself, because everyone is gorgeous in their own way! Read on to learn about how some internal issues can cause external specialties.

Facial Drooping or Paralysis

Bell’s Palsy is a muscle disorder that can cause weakness and paralysis in parts of the face, similar to a stroke. This disorder can affect people as young as fifteen, and it can cause facial twitches, disordered movements, and even functional loss of the eyelids and mouth. It is caused by damage to a particular nerve in the face.

Bell’s Palsy is usually not permanent, but there is also no cure, it simply goes away on its own in most cases. Medical treatments exist to help the symptoms of Bell’s Palsy, and compassion is certainly a helpful treatment all its own.

Hair Loss

You only ever hear people talk about losing hair as they get older – but many medical issues can cause hair loss in people of any age. Even stress can cause hair to fall out, and if you do not have any of that in this day and age, you are one of the lucky ones! Your hair follicles require rest to keep and grow new hair. Some medical conditions, like stress, can prevent the follicle from being able to rest similar to how it can prevent you from being able to sleep. 

If you are having unexplained hair loss, you may want to talk to a doctor. There are tests you can take at home, including a thyroid test, that can rule out any undiagnosed underlying conditions. In the meantime, why not take this opportunity to try that glam wig you’ve always pictured yourself wearing?

Tooth Issues

People in America get very judgy about teeth issues, and usually for no reason. Issues with your teeth can be caused by a very large number of common medical issues, so the lack of pearly whites may have nothing to do with a regular dental hygiene routine. Diabetes, which is a very common condition for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, can cause teeth to decay at a much faster rate than normal.

There are procedures to correct all kinds of dental problems, but these procedures can also be very expensive, especially for those who may not have health care. And with the fact that the smile is one of the first things people notice on a person, a distorted smile can be damaging to anyone. Compassion counts!

Skin Discolorations

It is estimated that more than 10% of babies are born with some kind of birthmark. If the birthmark is on the butt or the leg or the back, it is cute or an interesting story. If it is larger, or on a noticeable area, or a severe birthmark such as a port-wine stain or a large mole, this may make people severely self-conscious.

There is also a disease called vitiligo which may cause discolorations in the skin due to loss of pigment. This disease normally presents before a person is 21, so imagine being a teenager and having to face your peers with noticeable skin discoloration. Once we realize that everybody is beautiful, no one will need to be afraid.


People with noticeable physical defects are automatically put into a certain category by much of society, because of something they are not in control of. The best thing we can do for this world is to appreciate ourselves for our unique selves, and do the same for everyone around us. Rock that midriff-baring top – and most importantly, be yourself with confidence!