Women Fashion plays a big role in society, though just like sports, not many take it seriously. Fashion is not defined by the new clothes you buy often, and while that is part apart, it is much deeper than that. Women are conscious about what they wear due to several reasons. They wear clothes that reflect their personality, class, and to avoid society polices catching them when not prepared. 

Today, you will find various brands in the market focusing on women fashion, and during the manufacturing plus design process, they help bring new changes now and then to give women options to choose what resonates with them. One of the renowned brands is Alexander McQueen that offers varied products for women in the market. 

Fashion to women is a way of expression, and for decades it has, in one way or another, influenced their place in society. Without much ado, let’s see how the fashion industry contributes to society.

How Fashion has evolved

For decades, the fashion industry has played a big role in shaping women’s clothing design, style, more so the one targeting feminine. It’s not that the fashion industry hasn’t played a big role in women’s counterpart, but the clothing industry globally is majorly influenced by women fashion. 

Women Fashion gives various definitions as some focus on a certain cultural way of dressing, groups, religion, age, and career. It also helps people to express themselves through beliefs and creativity to the world. When you go to the 1960’s and 1970’s, you will find women had short skirts and from that time their dressing style started becoming less cumbersome. If you come towards the 1980’s or go back to time immemorial, you will realize every era through Fashion had an effect in society. That means the way women dress and change their tastes through new trends may have a force that makes things to occur promptly. 

Nowadays, fashion trends are constantly changing, and it makes it hard for some to keep up with the new changes. By looking back, you can have a better idea of how Fashion reflected those times. For instance, after World War 1 and 2 most of the fashion industry designed clothes that portrayed happiness and freedom.  The 70’s Fashion brought the birthing of the hippie movement. It is at this time when clothes of color that were very colorful and which included tie & dye plus mini-skirts changed women’s way of dressing. 

 Come in 1980’s, and you will realize that music was taking center stage and is said to have significantly contributed to fashion code back then. It is at this time when heavy metal music, rock, and rap music was popular, and women started focusing on tighter clothes. 

Present Fashion

Technology advancement has played a bigger role today in how women dress. Not only that, it has revolutionized the women industry completely. Some of the today’s fashion styles that you see the brand come up with are based on looks that touch past designs. Today women who are considered fashionistas change their Fashion through the trends they see on the internet and televisions. You will see others influenced by their famous celebrities, and those trends are driving many brands world over to compete in ensuring they provide women with something to wear depending on the weather, events, or personal preference.

 In the past, you could see women go for designer clothes and to them that somehow made them look cool. That trend has changed suddenly as women now look for clothes that accommodate their tight schedules. Unlike a couple of years ago, today, women have the option to purchase the choice clothes they need online. In the past, they had to know about a new fashion dress, jacket, shoe, or t-shirts through their peers or by physically visiting clothes selling stores. 

Why Do Fashions Change Over Time?

The demand for the new release of trending clothes is the number one reason the fashion industry experiences a new change of Fashion. In the process, brands have no choice but to keep producing what their consumers are asking for, which means more money for them. On the other hand, women can sample new outfits that come to the market, and they keep the release of new clothes consistent. 

Women regard Fashion in high priority, and you can see that from past decades, many things have changed. For many years the fashion industry and women are inseparable bedfellows who keep the clothing industry vibrant. Although other factors contribute to fashion growth and changes, women are by nature lovers of new and trending items that help to enhance their beauty. 


Things have changed today, and no woman would imagine wearing the same outfit from last winter to the other one. The release of new fashion clothing has become a big event globally, such that women world over wait for any expected release eagerly. The creation of modern clothing has incorporated the designs of the new and old fabric to bring out a more beautiful look. Also, the current releases of Fashion have seen old designs coming back to the market, and only time will tell how the trend goes.