Written by Rolanna Burtamekh

New York Fashion Week is upon us and the city is roaring with fashionistas showcasing their best Streetstyle look. If you are a fan of Streetstyle, your final fashion week destination should absolutely be Street Fashion Week being held on February 16th, 2019 at Galvanize NYC. Street Fashion Week is a fashion week show that displays the season’s hottest Streetstyle trends both on the runway and on the Streetstyle stars that flock to these shows.

With Street Fashion Week rearing its head to take place in a few days, we thought to bring you some Streetstyle tips to help you prepare. Streetstyle is basically a reflection of how everyday people take the fashion shown on the runway, to the streets with their own personal style in a way they can express themselves, so there are no real rules.

Tip 1: Dress for Confidence

One sure tip to stand out in the midst of the frenzy is to dress in something that makes you feel confident. Cliche as that may seem, Streetstyle photographers gravitate to attendees who have an aura about them. Confidence just makes you that much interesting. Also if you plan to attend several shows in one day, it helps to have chosen an outfit that you can last in all day.


Tip 2: Put your own twist on this Season’s trend.

Check out these designs shown at the last Street Fashion Week. Designer Majeeda Monae is known for her puffer coat color block technique. Like the model photographed, you want to slay but definitely stay warm. This look is the perfect piece to help you accomplish this goal. Majeeda Monae will be displaying her latest Ocho (8 ball) collection at Street Fashion Week.

Tip 3: Accessories are your friend!

Nothing pulls a stylish outfit together like a chunky bracelet or stylish bag. Stand out, complete your outfit with your favorite loud earrings! It’s the details that bring your inner fashionista out.

Whether you are a season Street-Style blogger or have aspirations of exploring that world, Street Fashion Week is definitely a platform for rising talent to showcase their unique style. Most CFDA shows are industry only but some shows are starting to take a more direct to consumer approach. Street Fashion Week is one of the few shows that makes a percentage of their seats available to audience members who can purchase tickets via their website or Eventbrite. Make us proud, tag us on social media, what is your Street Fashion Week outfit? Use the hashtags # fashionbombdaily and #Streetfashionweek

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