Talking Hair with Shelby Swain, Creator of Zendaya’s Oscars Faux Locs Look

With all the hubbub surrounding Zendaya Coleman’s Oscars Faux Locs (and the comments surrounding them), I figured I’d hit up Shelby Swain, the creator of Zendaya’s Academy Awards hairstyle, to talk about the whole process!
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The LA native said, “Zendaya just wanted to do something different, something new, and something kind of daring. We came up with doing the faux locs. I think it came out perfect.”
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The process, which took 7 hours, required meticulous attention to detail. Swain assserts, “It’s kind of like getting braids. It can take from 4-14 hours, and the hairstyle lasts from 6-8 weeks.” The protective style is a great way to someone to try out a new look, or give locs a go before fully committing.
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Regarding Giuliana’s comment, Swain offers, “Some people just don’t understand. Not everybody is not going to get her look. Some people are gonna love it and some people are not gonna love it.” She continues, “I knew there’d be critics. The look is not for everybody…for right now. [Zendaya] did it right now, but it may take a while for people to fully understand it and accept it for what it is.”

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Swain offers, “Her faux locs were a statement of beauty. The term bohemian chic, I didn’t get that. Bohemian chic is something you kinda throw together, it’s unconventional and relaxed. I didn’t get that whatsoever. Her look was well put together. It was a classic and a deeply rooted look.” Agreed!
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At any rate, if you’re interested in trying the look for yourself, contact Shelby at and be sure to follow her on Instagram @Shelbeniece.
See more of her work below:
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Would you try Faux Locs on for size?


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