Today’s Bombshell is Alma from Abuja, Nigeria!
7 Alma from Abuja
She writes, “I have a blog called ‘The Style Cheapskate‘.”
6 Alma from Abuja
” I have attached my pictures for your perusal.”

5 Alma from Abuja

4 Alma from Abuja

2 Alma from Abuja

3 Alma from Abuja
alma from abuja

2 alma from abuja
Heyyyy, Alma! Love your colorful and printed looks.
See more on Alma’s blog, The Style Cheapskate, and on Instagram @TheStyleCheapSkate.
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18 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Alma from Abuja”

  1. I’m not into casual fashion but I like her style cause it works amazingly for her body type and it looks very fashionista and classy. I think she could just work more on her photography angles since she has a blog to showcase styling.

  2. i really love her first outfit. the rest isn’t really my taste. cute girl, i just wouldn’t say bombshell.

  3. Not totally bombshell but I love how she’s able to combine playfulness and classiness on her outfits, evoking a very confident and cheery vibe! ♥

  4. I like her color selections but the quality of the clothing in some photos (i.e. the lace yellow dress) kinda kept her from being bombshell in my eyes. What would instantly elevate her style is reconsidering her shoe game. Some of the shoes looked a little dated. But she has a beautiful smile and I can tell she likes to be very playful with fashion! I’d like to see her style elevated and then see what she might submit in a year or so. : )

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