Mail Bombs: Solange Knowles’s Topshop Opening Chanel Spring 2013 Sandals, Azealia Banks’s Harlem Shake Cut Out Orange Crop Top, and Tae Heckard’s Instagram Nike Air Royal Lite Pink Perforated Sneakers!

Happy Friday!
So my time in Milan has been super chill. No show invites, so I have lots of time to blog!
Let’s get it cracking with today’s Mail Bombs, shall we?
First up, Asia asks, “Where can I get the shoes Solange wore to the Topshop opening in LA?”

“They’re so fun!”

Solange paired a Topshop Unique top and shorts with funky Chanel Spring 2013 cream and black sandals:
0 Solange Knowles's Topshop Opening Chanel Spring 2013 Sandals,
Find a Chanel boutique near you at Recreate the rest of her outfit by pairing this $190 silk check shirt from unique:
silk check shirt by unique
With these $150 silk cross print shorts:
silk cross shorts by topshop unique
Get ’em at Topshop here and here.

In another shoe bomb, Tameka writes, “Recently I saw a photo on Tae Heckards Instagram of her with some Pastel Pink High Top Nikes and I wanted to know what kind they are and where I can get my hands on a pair they are just to die for!”
tae heckard nike royal air lite perforated pastel pink sneakers
Tae loves her Nikes, no? She posted on Instagram in a pair of Nike Air Royal Lite perforated sneakers:
They come in an assortment of colors for girls and guys.
According to the blog The Shoe Game, the sneaks are super elusive, and only come out every other year or so. I was able to find a few pairs on Ebay, but only for men:( Perhaps contact a rep at Nike to see when they’ll be released again.

writes, “Hey I love the top Azealia Banks wore in the Harlem Shake video and I’m thinking of wearing it to watch Beyonce perform.”
azealia banks harlem shake top
“Do you know where it’s from? It’s uber dope!!!”

Indeed. It looks as if Azealia might have been styled in Three Floor’s Hanne Crop Top (shown below in white).
three floor hanne crop top white azealia banks harlem shake
It has a similar color and silhouette, no? I haven’t been able to find it in Azealia’s orange color, but if the white will work, get it in smaller sizes for $30 here or in larger sizes for $66 at Revolve Clothing.
Erin says, “I love the sunglasses Eva is wearing. The blue mirror lens are hot.”

” Where can I get them or something similar?”

Wasn’t sure of the exact brand of Eva’s shades, so found a few similar looks. Hopefully these will work!

In an e-mail titled, “Need this Dress!” Johannie wrote, “Keyshia Ka’oir posted this pic on her instagram on Feb. 17th, and I would like to know where it could be purchased.”
keyshia ka'oir cut out black dress instagram
“Thanks in Advance!”
Not sure, but I was able to find a few similar looks!
Nasty Gal has this $64 Commotion Cage dress that looks pretty spot on.
nasty gal commotion cage dress keyshia ka'oir
Nasty Gal also has this $34.50 connected cutout dress if you don’t mind a bit of bling via metallic accents:
nasty gal cutout black dress
And has this black bodycon cutout for $179:

If those won’t work, perhaps someone will know the designer of Keyshia’s dress and leave it in the comments. Which brings us to Unsolved Mail Bombs!

Camela says, “I’ve been dying to know where Emily B copped this mint jumpsuit .. She uploaded a pic of herself wearing it on Instgram yesterday but she never mentioned where she got it from.. Help!!”
emily b mint turquoise instagram sweatuit sweatpants

Jen writes, “I recently saw an instagram pic of Keri Hilson in a Reggae/Rasta inspired bikini. Do you know who makes the bikini? Are there similar styles out there? I’ve searched all over! Please help! Thanks in advance :)”
keri hilson instagram jamaica red yellow black green bikini

Lastly, Cat types, “I was watching Love and Hiphop last week and I saw Raqi wearing these gold earrings. Where can I find them? Help!”
raqi q earrings
Not sure, but if you know, leave a comment.
Stay tuned for more F Bomb fab.


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