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Apologies for the site issues. We switched to a new server for faster speed! But now we’re back up to speed, and ready for today’s Bombshell, Deola from Wales:
2 Deola from Wales
She says, “My name is Deola, I live in Swansea, Wales but I am from Nigeria.”
” I am not sure how to describe my style, it is sometimes simple, sometimes over the top.”

18 Deola from Wales
” I pride myself on knowing how to wear an item more than once, because you know, I’m not yet a millionaire.”

4 Deola from Wales
” If it can only be worn once or the same way, I don’t buy it.”

00 Deola from Wales
” I have been blogging for a minute now and I have always wanted to send my pictures in, I finally got over my fears today and I am typing this.”

4 Deola from Wales

“Thank you in advance for the feature and your nice comments.”

Deola from Wales

10 Deola from Wales

8 Deola from Wales
Very cute! I love your knit gray look the most.
See more at www.thedeolabee.com and on @thedeolabee.
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